Livin' Lectric with Clint & Jared

Livin' Lectric with Clint & Jared

Come sail away with the coolest sailors in the desert - Our team was ecstatic to connect with Phoenix locals Clint and Jared and talk about how their eBikes have helped them in their sailing livelihood, and business endeavors. 

Clint and Jared are twin brothers, roommates, and co-owners of the Go Sail AZ sailing school in Lectric's home state of Arizona. Their sailing school gives Phoenix locals the unique opportunity to go out on the lake and enjoy the fresh air while learning a new skill.

The brothers explained that when they are living on their sailboats full time, the toughest part about it is not having the means to explore once they reach a destination on land. Without a car, sailors have to turn to alternate modes of transportation when running errands and getting into town. Clint and Jared's compact and foldable Lectric XPs take up minimal space in their sailboat so that they can simply unfold their ride and hit the road once they dock.

Clint and Jared also go on to explain that eBiking makes getting from point A to point B an adventure in itself, just as sailing does. Rather than simply going through the motions to reach an end goal or destination, the brothers get to see nature in a whole new way and enjoy the fresh air as they glide over the water by sailboat, and across the pavement by eBike. When emphasizing the pleasure that eBiking provides, Clint explains that "you typically don't get road rage on a bike," and he couldn't be more right about that.

Some of the biggest adventures in the brothers' lives have been on the water, and their hope is to share that sense of adventure with their sailing students. Lectric is happy to share a similar mission: sharing the adventure of exploration with folks from coast to coast. 

Check out this awesome video showcasing Clint and Jared's sailing and eBiking livelihood! 

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