Lithium-ion batteries 101

Lithium-ion batteries 101

Charging your eBike’s lithium-ion battery is an easy process: plug it in, charge it up, ride! What goes on inside your battery, however, is a bit more complicated. Just what happens within your battery while you’re waiting (impatiently) for it to charge? Learning the basics about your Lectric XP 2.0's lithium-ion battery can help you maintain and prolong its life for many rides to come.

What is my battery made of?

Your Lectric 48V 10.4Ah LG battery is made of nickel manganese cobalt oxide with a standard 18650 cells.

How does my battery charge?

Your battery goes through three basic stages of charging. In the first stage, the voltage rises to meet the constant charge of current. In the second phase, the voltage peaks and current begins to decrease. Once the current has fallen about 97% or to its rated threshold, your battery is fully charged! 

How long will my battery last?

Your Lectric battery is rated for 800 charging cycles. If you were to ride and charge your battery from 0% to 100% seven days a week, you would get over two years of battery life before it would begin to show signs of decay. If you only use half your battery for a round-trip commute and charge from 50% to 100% every single day, you just doubled its lifespan to over four years! For the average rider, batteries do not need to be replaced for at least five years. 

Is it possible to overcharge my battery?

Your battery has an internal protection circuit that limits the voltage’s range, which prevents it from raising too high or falling too low. Your Lectric 48V smart charger cuts off the charge once it is full as well, so it is not possible to overcharge your battery when using it correctly. It can be dangerous to use products that are not designed to work with your specific battery or charger. 

Do I have to fully charge my battery every time I want to ride?

There aren’t really any benefits that come from fully charging your battery every time you’re heading out except that you’ll have exactly that, a full battery. It is better to keep your battery away from extreme ranges, such as 0% or 100%, as often as possible to prevent unnecessary stress on its components.

What happens when my eBike’s battery gets too low?

Your Lectric eBike has a setting that prevents undervoltage in dying batteries and will show an error code on your display screen once your battery reaches this limit. It’s important to charge your battery as soon as possible if this happens. Undervoltage is a condition that happens when applied voltage drops to 90% of the rated voltage, or less, for at least 1 minute.

Can I look at my battery’s voltage while I’m riding?

Yes you can! On both your XP 1.0 or XP 2.0, press the mode button (the on/off button) on your control pad until you see voltage appear where your odometer typically reads on your LCD display. At full charge, you’ll see about 54.4V on your screen. A dying battery will show something closer to 40V. 

Can I leave my key in while my bike is charging?

Yes, but we recommend turning your key to the “off” position for the best charge. You can turn your bike on if you would like to check your battery or voltage level while charging, but it’s best to turn it back off as it continues to charge.