5 Travel Tips for Your XPremium

5 Travel Tips for Your XPremium

Summer is finally upon us, and our brand new XPremium eBikes are almost ready to ship out! Our team has already traveled near and far with the Lectric XPremium to fulfill testing and content creation needs.

The content team was so excited about the shipment of this first batch of upgraded eBikes that they whipped up a quick video of travel tips for your XPremium's summer adventures, featuring our very own Matt G. Check it out!

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

When it comes to folding up your XPremium to throw it in a car, trailer, or RV before an adventure, there is no single best way to approach it. Our team, however, has found that the location in which you stand next to your XPremium is worth taking note of! We find it easiest to stand on the side of the eBike with the folding latch so that you can fold it away from you and minimize the amount of weight you're placing on your back as you fold the eBike. You will be in great shape to pick the eBike up and place it in your vehicle after doing so! 

Tip #2: Small Part, Huge Impact! 

This tip is referring to a small and easily neglected part of your eBike. Not adjusting this part before loading your XPremium up for travel can make your eBike take up more space in your vehicle than it needs to. Any guesses? 

The part we are referring to is the XPremium pedals! As with all Lectric eBikes, the pedals fold inward to that the eBike can lay flat and take up less space in your storage compartment, trunk, camper, or wherever you're traveling! Folding your pedals in will also ensure that your pedals don't get stuck in your wheel while folding, and keep them out of the frame of your eBike while unfolding. 

The placement of your pedal on the freewheel is also important. Our team recommends ensuring the left pedal is placed just above the stand, as shown in the video. 

Tip #3: Lighten Up

One of the big selling features of the Lectric XPremium is the removable dual battery capabilities! By removing the batteries from your eBike, your load will lighten by 14 pounds, making it easier to lift and maneuver. 

Tip #4: Always Lift with Your Knees

Don't risk throwing out your back while lifting your XPremium. Always be sure to lift with your knees! When picking up your eBike to load it into a vehicle, it is best to place one hand on the frame, and the other on the rear rack. As you can see in the video, this will make loading up for an adventure quick and painless! 

Tip #5: Pack It Right

There is always a level of uncertainty when it comes to transporting your beloved eBike, so it is important that you add some protection for your ride! Our content creation team typically travels with film gear and other bulky items, so they've found that using a towel, blanket, or moving blanket works great for protecting your eBike from damage and scratches.

For even more protection, it can be helpful to use a bungee cord to keep your eBike secure while on the go. Many car trunks are already equipped with hooks that work great for securing your ride! 

Check out this awesome video made by our team to see how they recommend traveling with awesome Lectric XPremiums in hand. Happy trails! ⚡️

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