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    Designed and built for riders who want the durability of a commuter bike combined with world-class technology.

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The Lectric ONE eBike collection is designed for serious commuters and everyday ebike riders alike. Engineered with cutting-edge automotive grade technology and unrivaled durability, these luxury ebikes redefine performance and reliability in the eBike industry. From its Pinion gearbox, inspired by proven automotive transmission technology, to the renowned Gates Carbon Drive belt system, every aspect of the Lectric ONE reflects our commitment to innovation.

At Lectric eBikes, we prioritize reliability and low-maintenance solutions. The Lectric ONE is engineered to run for miles with minimal maintenance, making it absolute dream for daily ebike commuters. With the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, say hello to a smoother, quieter, and virtually maintenance-free riding experience.

Owning this ebike gives the convenience of push-button electronic shifting with Pinion's Smart.Shift technology. Inspired by the intuitive dynamics of automotive paddle shifters, the Pinion gearbox delivers unmatched shifting performance. No matter what you encounter on the city streets you are navigating, the Lectric ONE ensures precision and ease for an exhilarating ride every time.

Lectric ONE FAQ

What luxury features make the Lectric ONE ideal for commuting?

The Lectric ONE is equipped with a Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive belt system, offering a luxury ride that combines durability with low maintenance. The seamless shifting and quiet operation of this ebike improves the commuting experience.

How fast does the Lectric ONE go?

The Lectric ONE eBike reaches a top speed of 28 mph when using pedal assist, although the throttle mode is limited to 20 mph. This makes it a Class 3 eBike, offering a combination of speed and power for commuting.

What advantages does the automotive-grade technology provide to Lectric ONE riders?

Automotive-grade technology in the Lectric ONE provides unmatched performance, durability, and ease of use, making it a top choice for commuters who demand the best when it comes to efficiency and comfort.

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