Lectric eBikes is now actively seeking new businesses to join our Premier Rental Fleet Program. Lectric eBike's Rental Fleet can be a great revenue generator for your existing business, resort property or bike shop.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Rental Fleets

    Resorts, rental shops and progressive urban businesses can benefit from the durability of the Lectric brand at deeply discounted rates on bulk purchases, in addition to qualifying for commission based incentives.

  • Wholesale Deals

    Receive the most profitable price possible on select models. Minimum order quantity starts at just 5 units. Not available through any distributor.

  • Earn Commissions

    Offer test rides at your location and receive commissions on sales. We’ll drive Google ad traffic to your location and provide a custom landing page and POS materials to support.

  • eBike Rebates

    We’ll partner with you to allow riders to redeem government provided eBike subsidy vouchers to give your customers the best deal possible. Especially for low income individuals, we’ve seen some folks only have to pay for tax due to our already low Lectric prices. In the current economy this can make a big difference.

  • Employee Wellness

    We’re looking for partners to offer their retail location as a destination for large companies to send their employees to test ride Lectric eBikes and earn commissions. This proven model has helped replace car trips and get folks outside.

  • Dedicated Rep

    Lectric values support for all customers AND partners! When you partner with us, you will have a dedicated representative to assist you with anything you need.

At Lectric eBikes, our goal has always been to get as many as people as posible enjoying the ride, and this begins by offering a quality eBike at a competitive price.