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    Rental Fleet

    Add to your business and make a profit by renting out Lectric eBikes to locals or tourists in your area.

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    Test Rides

    People around the country want to ride Lectric. Allow them to get to know our eBikes by offering test rides and earning commissions.

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    Become a Dealer

    Whether you have a storefront, or you are mobile, you can earn a commission by selling Lectric eBikes to others!

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    Commercial Use

    Learn how other businesses have incorporated Lectric into their workflow to improve efficiency and employee health.

Partnership Testimonials

Hear from our partner in Park City Utah, how Lectric has added to off-season business with eBike rentals!

  • maintenance worker using XP Trike to get around college campus with tools

    Maintenance with Ease

    The XP Trike has been added to the bike lineup at a local Phoenix university! The maintenance team is able to get around campus faster, and perform maintenance in a jiff, while hauling up to 110 lbs. of cargo.

  • man using XP Trike to deliver carrots to a horse at Phoenix Zoo

    A Zookeeper's Dream

    The Phoenix Zoo recently began using Lectric eBikes to get around the zoo, and the XP Trike and been a great addition. Team members have more time to tend to animals and serve guests by cutting travel time.

  • warehouse worker riding XP Trike through warehouse halls

    Empower a Warehouse Team

    Lectric uses the XP Trike in our own warehouse! The XP Trike makes navigating larger square footage buildings, and moving up and down aisles a breeze.

maintenance man loading tools in the cargo package of the XP Trike
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Our Partners

We are so grateful for our bike shop partners who are just as committed to changing the way people move as we are. Join a brand that's sold over 300,000 models in 4 years and Lectrify your growth! From test ride commissions to rental opportunities to creating efficiency in your day to day warehouse operations. Let us show you how Lectric eBikes can help you work.

Discover Solutions with a Dedicated Rep

Lectric values support for all customers AND partners! When you partner with us, you will have a dedicated representative to assist you with anything you need.


What do I need in order to become a partner?

The first step is to obtain liability insurance, this is a MUST for any partner. Second, you have to LOVE Lectric. Third, schedule a meeting with our Lectric rep so we can learn more about your vision and you can get to know who Lectric is.

Which eBikes are available through Lectric Biz?

Each Lectric eBike available on our site is available for partners! Find the lineup here.

How do I rent or test ride a Lectric eBike?

We have partners all across the US that want to get you riding Lectric. If you are looking to buy, rent, or test ride, a Lectric eBike you can find a location near you here.

I've referred many people to Lectric, how can I be compensated?

We hear stories from so many customers that have introduced their friends and family to Lectric. If you want to become a part of the Lectric family you can offer test rides from anywhere and receive commission on sales that you make. Once you have liability insurance, contact a rep to learn more about this process.

Do you have any wholesale deals?

Only select models are available for wholesale. Receive the most profitable price possible on select models. Minimum order quantity starts at just 5 units. Not available through any distributor.

Are there any rebates for Lectric eBikes?

Select areas in the U.S. have enacted eBike rebate programs. If you are located in one of these areas we’ll partner with you to allow riders to redeem government provided eBike subsidy vouchers to give your customers the best deal possible. For low income individuals, we’ve seen some folks only have to pay for tax due to our already low Lectric prices. In the current economy this can make a big difference.

Denver residents can find information about getting a Lectric eBikes with the Denver rebate here.

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