Step-Through eBikes

💡 Step-Through eBikes have a down tube frame with a low stand-over height and a low center of gravity, making them easily mountable and maneuverable.

At Lectric eBikes, we understand that getting on and off a bike can be challenging for some riders, which is why we've designed our step-through electric bikes to be incredibly easy to use. With a low step-over height and a comfortable upright riding position, you can easily glide onto your bike and start your ride in comfort.

Our step-through e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors that provide a smooth and effortless ride, making even the toughest hills a breeze. And with our advanced pedal-assist technology, you'll be able to tailor your ride to your level of fitness, making it easier to go further and explore more.

Step-Through eBike FAQ

What is the difference between step-through and step-over ebikes?

Step-through eBikes have a low, open frame design, allowing riders to easily step through for mounting and dismounting, unlike step-over ebikes with a traditional diamond-shaped frame.

What is a step-through ebike?

A step-through eBike features a low, open frame design, enabling easy mounting and dismounting without the need to swing a leg over the top tube, making it popular for commuters and riders seeking convenience.

What is the benefit of a step-through bike frame?

Step-through bike frames offer easy accessibility and comfort by eliminating the need to lift a leg high over the top tube, making them ideal for riders, including those with mobility issues.

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