Fat Tire eBikes

💡 Fat tires are three to four inches in width and offer extra cushion while allowing you to easily take on almost anything in your path.

Fat Tire eBike FAQ

Why buy a fat tire ebike?

Fat tire eBikes offer a unique riding experience, with their wide tires providing increased stability, grip, and shock absorption, making them perfect for tackling diverse terrains such as sand, snow, gravel, and mud.

Are fat tire ebikes harder to pedal?

While fat tire eBikes may require a bit more effort to pedal compared to traditional bikes, especially on flat and smooth surfaces, the electric motor assistance ensures that ebike riders can conquer hills and rough terrain without exerting excessive energy.

How fast do fat tire ebikes go?

Despite their robust build and off-road capabilities, fat tire eBikes maintain a similar top speed range to other eBikes, typically reaching speeds between 20 to 28 mph, allowing riders to enjoy efficient commuting and exciting adventures alike.

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