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Cruiser eBikes include an upright saddle position paired with swept-back handlebars, designed for recreation and leisure riding.

Best For: Fun-Seekers, Explorers, Travelers, Trail-Lovers, RVers, Parents

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Commuter eBikes are intuitively designed to be a sustainable and practical alternative to cars and public transport.

Best For: Urban Dwellers, Students, Semi-drivers, Travelers, Budgeters

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Cargo & Utility

Cargo eBikes are designed with an integrated rear rack, built to carry heavy loads and often two or more people.

Best For: Campers, Parents, Delivery Drivers, Long-Range Enthusiasts

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Electric tricycles offer stability and ease of use for riders of many different abilities.

Best For: All-ages, Explorers, Cruisers, Travelers, Balance Conscious

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Off-Road eBikes utilize large, knobby tires to handle many different terrains including gravel, dirt, sand, snow, and more!

Best For: eXPerienced eBikers, Adrenaline-Seekers, Trail-lovers, Campers, Explorers

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Fully foldable eBikes have hinges at the frame, stem, and/or pedals for convenient transportation and storage.

Best For: Students, RVers, Semi-drivers, Travelers, Space Conscious

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Step-Thru eBikes have a down tube frame with a low stand-over height and center of gravity, making them easily mountable and maneuverable.

Best For: Low Mobility, Cruisers, Shorter Riders

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High-Step eBikes include a top tube frame with a high stand-over height, resulting in a sturdy and stable structure.

Best For: High Mobility, Taller Riders, Off-Roaders, Explorers

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Fat Tire

Fat tires are three to four inches in width and offer extra cushion while allowing you to easily take on almost anything in your path.

Best For: Cruisers, Off-Road, Comfort Enthusiast, Explorers, Tall Riders

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Lightweight eBikes are generally 55lbs or lower with the battery and all components installed, making them easy to manage on & off the road.

Best For: Commuters, City Riders, RVers, Apartment living

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