Folding eBikes

💡 Fully foldable eBikes have hinges on the frame, handlebar stem, and pedals for convenient transportation and storage.

About Our Foldable eBikes

Lectric eBikes is one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the nation, and for good reason – our flagship XP 2.0 series offers an affordable, folding Class 3 ebike packed with features. All Lectric eBikes are designed to be folding, making all models, step-thru, lite and long-range, easy to take with you on any adventure. Top features include fat tires for added stability, variable peddle assist so you can customize your ride, and a versatile throttle that makes it easy to get up to speed. Whether you're looking for an electric bike to commute with or one to take on your next outdoor adventure, Lectric's foldable eBikes have you covered.

Folding eBike FAQ

What is the best folding electric bike?

The best folding electric bike depends on individual preferences and intended usage. Our popular foldable ebike options are known for their compact foldability, lightweight design, reliable performance, and convenient features such as quick-folding mechanisms, adjustable handlebars, and removable batteries.

Is a foldable ebike better than a scooter?

While both offer compact and convenient transportation options for urban commuting, foldable ebikes typically provide a more comfortable and versatile riding experience, especially for longer distances and varied terrain. They often offer pedal-assist modes for added convenience and fitness benefits compared to scooters.

How heavy are foldable ebikes?

On average, foldable eBikes weigh between 30 to 60 pounds. However, there are lighter Lectric options available, weighing as little as 46 pounds, as well as heavier models designed for durability and stability. It's essential to consider weight when choosing a foldable eBike, especially if you plan to carry it frequently or store it in compact spaces.

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