Collection: XP ™ 2.0 Long-Range eBikes

About Our Long-Range eBikes

We listened closely to rider feedback when upgrading our most popular ebike models, the XP™ 2.0 and Step-Thru XP™ 2.0, to give riders the freedom to explore further and go on longer adventures. The new XP™ 2.0 and Step-Thru XP™ 2.0 Long Range comes with two battery pack options standard and long-range. Providing 65 miles of range on a single charge that can be recharged in 4-6 hours, the long-range option ensures riders can get where they need to go without having to worry about running out of juice. Our long-range option is also great for riders who want to use their ebike for commuting or running errands around town without having to charge up often.