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Lectric eBikes is the only company uniquely founded on trust. Our products were inspired by you and built for you. To begin, it was a dad, a son and the dream of an electric bike.

Brent Conlow just wanted a sweet bike at an honest price, and he wanted his wife along for the ride.

His son, Levi, had cut his enterprising teeth at eight years old—mowing lawns, walking dogs, selling sports drinks to dehydrated summer campers and eventually detailing cars as a teenager at hourly rates five times the minimum wage. Basically, Levi was a kid who showed initiative; he was entrepreneurial. Levi’s childhood friend, Robby Deziel, was something of a Renaissance kid. He inherited a tinkering mentality from a father who was handy, who viewed it as tantamount that his kids learn to do and build tangible things.

Robby’s utility was paired with a creative side. He loved music and classic literature, joining an Indie pop band while studying mechanical engineering in college.

While Levi and Robby connected as teenagers over Xbox gaming, they reconnected over Brent’s faith in them both to build a quality ebike at an affordable price.

It wasn’t the first time Levi had sought a better way to make a highly desired product attainable, due in part to his impassioned trial-and-error quest to develop a reasonably priced skateboard. Lowering the cost of production was critical to re-thinking the hottest new product on the planet, but so was design integrity.

Brent and Levi believed in Robby’s ability to deliver.

Though both young men were Lakeville, Minnesota natives, Levi had envisioned a life of palm trees and pools at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. Robby had stayed true to his roots in the Midwest, bouncing between majors just thirty minutes from his hometown at the University of Minnesota. When the two met in the middle to create a marketable venture it was with a singular mindset.

They might succeed wildly in their new endeavor. Or they might fail spectacularly, in which case at least they would learn from the experience.

Spectacularly fail they did. Initially.

Levi and Robby manufactured their first ebike to their preferred specifications: a prototype that was met with disdain the instant it was unveiled. Their tactical blunder might have relegated them to a mere statistic, to the great scrap heap of failed businesses, but for multigenerational grace.

Levi was fortunate to have been raised by a father who believed in second chances; he had coached his boys to try, and try again. He had also instilled in his son the essence of humility. Brent committed to re-investing in his son’s project, even if that meant postponing his own retirement. In turn, Levi and Robby went back to their most promising customer base—most of them in their 60s and 70s—with a willingness to be schooled.

Some parents might call it tough love. We call it the ride of a lifetime for everyone involved.

Mechanically, Levi and Robby leaned into the knowledge of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alike to develop the highest value electric bike on the market, specifically tailored to them.

The result was unparalleled performance and speed, coupled with accessibility, adjustability, foldability, sustainability and (of course) industry-shattering affordability.

The core group of original Lectric eBike owners not only informed the design of the second prototype, but also the entire trajectory of the brand.

The road to success was long. And hard.

Like all good start-up stories, there was a selling-out-of-the-garage saga, far too many decaying warehouse moments and times when the hill to climb seemed all too steep.

But the adversity built an authentic brand; it cemented authentic relationships between two twenty-somethings and an adult community striving to be active and yearning to be heard. The older generation took a chance on the younger generation when there were few customers to validate their ebike purchase and even fewer product reviews to validate their patience.

Perhaps it came down to giving the people what they wanted, but the Lectric eBike ultimately changed lives.

Those with limited mobility were suddenly free to roam, to explore. More agile riders found a way to go further, faster. The impulse for wanderlust returned; independence was celebrated; vitality was restored.

Lasting connections were cultivated along the proverbial roads taken only by those who suddenly dared dream again.

It was as easy as riding a bike—with all the nostalgia that youthful exuberance evokes.

The experience of building an electric bike together became a metaphor. A perspective that still accounts for every nut, bolt, crank and chain—persistently advocating for product attributes like pedal assist and throttle.

Who doesn’t have some kind of hill to climb? Who doesn’t need a little help now and then?

Who doesn’t need a true adventure?

And isn’t the trip better with someone alongside you?

Everyone has their take on the journey. The hills and the valleys. The exhilarating bursts of speed, the simple pleasures of coasting. Even the detours and the delays.

The take on our journey is simply this:

The people made the bike and then the bike made the people.


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