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The Lectric story started back in 2016 when our founder wanted an electric skateboard but simply didn't have the funds to purchase one. So instead he built his own. Two years and thousands of boards later. Lectric was faced with the same situation once again. One of our founders experienced the thrill of riding an electric bike but could not rationalize spending nearly $2,000 to get one. The project began in the shop shortly after and only 6 months we had our first electric bike on the market. After selling the bike for several months Lectric began getting feedback and felt compelled to get back to their roots. Going fast and being an industry leader in innovation and affordability. Using the information we gained from the electric skateboard market, we were able to design and program a motor that could be more efficient  and reach the higher speeds we as riders have been craving.

We are very proud of the bike we have here today and are thankful for all the challenges we faced along the way. We have the highest level of confidence in this bike and are eager to have you start riding and join us in the electric transportation revolution.  

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Our design

Lectric has always been a design company at heart. We find our success through critical thinking and creative problem solving, and we never stop pushing the limit. Whether it is finding ways to reach higher top speeds, or optimizing user friendliness, the customers' needs drive our design process. 

As a part of our design philosophy the product comes before profit. We source parts from only the most trusted names in the industry like Shimano, Prowheel, Tektro, Wellgo, and LG. Using parts from these manufacturers ensures that quality is never a question, and the cost for the end consumer stays low. 


Why choose us

Customer service has always been a point of pride for the Lectric team. We have a support team standing by for whatever your needs may be. Whether you have a deep technical question or want to see if our bike is right for you, we would be delighted to assist you. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when on a competitors website they add a $200+ dollar shipping fee. Lectric is committed to an open and honest relationship with customers. That is why free shipping is and always will be included for all eBikes.  

Unlike other companies we understand that building a bike yourself can be a daunting task.  Our bike comes fully assembled so you can get out riding as soon as possible.

We don't know why other electric bike companies charge so much. But what we do know is that we have a profound commitment to offering a superior product at an industry breaking price. When comparing our bike to the competition you'll see we didn't settle when it comes to the quality of our parts. A bike with similar components could easily cost double what we are charging, but Lectric has always believed that building a community of riders is more important than maximizing profits. 

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