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  • The Lectric story began in Lakeville, Minnesota with lifelong friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel. This dynamic duo met at a young age playing video games together virtually, and a lasting friendship followed suit. 

    Growing up, Levi had a knack for seeing “big picture” themes in his everyday life, and went on to study business entrepreneurship in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Robby was known to be more detail-driven and creative, and went on to study mechanical engineering in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two reconvened after their studies and that’s when Levi’s dad, Brent, came into the picture. 

    Brent was in the market for a well-built electric bike and quickly realized that the cost was much higher than he had hoped for. Knowing that Levi had ample experience in entrepreneurship in college, Brent approached his newly-graduated son with the idea of building a high quality electric bike at an accessible price. 

    Levi was up for the challenge, and invited his childhood best friend to join him for the adventure. Robby was all in and eager to get the gears turning, so the duo quickly joined the ebike industry from a small garage in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Since their budget was slim, Brent generously postponed his retirement to provide Levi and Robby with the funds to get the first ever Lectric eBike model into production: The Lectric LX. 

    This initial Lectric release was not exactly a blockbuster success. However, instead of accepting defeat (and leaving Brent without his retirement money), Levi and Robby remained dedicated to their customers and listened to the feedback they were generously given. 

    The duo then designed the Lectric XP series. Thoughtfully named after ‘experience points’ as an homage to their videogame-rooted friendship, this eBike was an instant hit with customers and industry experts due to the bike’s authentic combination of affordability, foldability, and comfort. Swiftly rising to the top of the market, the Lectric XP went on to become the single most popular eBike model in the nation. 

    Lectric eBikes now offers a wide selection of eBikes, accessories, customized parts, and merchandise empowering riders nationwide to roam freely and explore with confidence.


To change people’s lives by increasing their mobility in a fun and memorable fashion, while being energy efficient.


Create a mode of transportation that anyone can ride at an affordable price. Through authenticity, we aspire to be the most fearless, innovative, and relentlessly inspirational global brand.

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