Behind the Design: XPeak

Behind the Design: XPeak


This year, riders are getting their first taste of Lectric’s first off-road eBike: the Lectric XPeak. To get the industry stoked about this new ride, co-founders Robby and Levi sat down with Product Manager, Matt, to go over what sets the XPeak apart from other off-road eBikes.


Why an Off-Road eBike?

Levi, Robby, and our product team noticed a trend in the eBike industry: riders were craving a larger wheel design. They also noticed that the 26’’ category didn’t have a standout performer, so they went ahead and made one that was just that.

The XPeak raises the bar for not only electric off-road e-bikes, but all off-road bikes in the industry! 


XPeak eBike Upgrades 

While branching into this new category, the Lectric team wanted to stay true to components they knew their riders loved. For this to happen, they had to integrate a thru-axle design. They paired the thru-axel with classic Lectric components like the LCD display and quick-release pedals. 

The team notes that the insane value of the new upgraded components is what would truly capture the attention of the industry. The XPeak's 750W motor includes a Stealth M24 motor, perfect for outdoor sporting.

The best part about the XPeak is its RST Renegade Fork. Normally valued at $400, this front fork makes the XPeak Lectric's most comfortable ride and makes any adventure easy to tackle when paired with the 26x4’’ tire design. 

Lastly, this new model meets the ISO 4210-10 and eMTB safety standards, going above and beyond the current certification standards set in the US.


Accessories Abound 

To make the most out of the new features of the XPeak, our team released new accessories to pair with your new ride! Add on the Fishing Rod Holder, eBike Surfboard Rack, or Winter Handlebar Covers to expand your opportunities for adventure.

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