Behind the Design - XPremium

Behind the Design - XPremium

The XPremium design is centered around a goal of taking as many cars off the road as possible. This is a tall order to fill, but our team made strategic decisions to make the XPremium an excellent candidate for a car replacement. Before this awesome new eBike's launch last week, Lectric cofounders Levi, Robby, and Brent sat down to discuss how the XPremium came to be, and what makes it special!

Our CINO, Robby, explains that XPremium's wide tires, increased suspension, dual battery capabilities, and mid-drive power were included with this new model to make it the perfect next step into riders' eBiking careers. He then explains that the XPremium is more than our typical folding electric bike. This eBike is capable of "being a true electric vehicle and car replacement.

Levi goes on to note the importance and efficiency of the mid-drive system on this new design. The pedaling experience, power, and battery life of the XPremium are all improved with this intelligent mid-drive motor. 

The power of this eBike is unlike any of our previous models. Brent even explains that it reminds him of when he was in his early twenties and rode motorcycles. The upgraded torque and shift-sensing capabilities of the XPremium's motor system make for a seamless marriage between rider and eBike. 

Check out this awesome video to learn more about the all-new XPremium design! 

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