Can Dogs Ride eBikes?

Can Dogs Ride eBikes?

It is no secret that Lectric eBikes is home to an abundance of dog lovers. Our beloved shop dog, Soldier, is even featured on our website alongside our stellar executive team. The joy, comfort, and curiosity that Soldier brings into our team makes him an integral part of our growing company. When it comes to dogs, we mean business.

Most people would agree that life is better with your furry friend by your side, but the question remains: Can dogs ride eBikes? Obviously, riding looks a little different for four-legged Lectric riders, but there are a few options for you and your pup to choose from when it comes to adventuring together. 

One way to enjoy the outdoors with your pup would be to have them run alongside you as you ride your XP. If you go with this option, your furry friend shouldn’t be especially prone to pulling and getting overly-excited while on outdoor walks and explorations. Also, be sure that your dog is comfortable near your moving eBike before proceeding with your first side-by-side adventure. After your dog becomes comfortable walking alongside your eBike, you may start slow with your Lectric rides and ensure your pup’s endurance is capable of the journeys you hope to achieve. Dogs don’t have quite the same stamina that humans do, so be sure to keep an eye on them as you ride to ensure they are having as much fun as you are! 

Another option to share the Lectric experience with your pup would be to purchase a pet trailer to pull behind your eBike as you ride. While selecting a trailer for your pup, ensure that it is sized appropriately for your passenger. Pet trailers come in many different sizes, but make sure that your dog can sit, stand, lie down and turn around comfortably while on the move. Trailers with a seatpost attachment will be a bit easier to install on your Lectric eBike than those that attach to the rear axle of your XP. Many Lectric riders use trailers from Schwinn and Burley, to name a couple of sources. 

Lastly, smaller pups can share the ride with you in carriers that attach to your XP’s handlebars or rear rack. If you choose to go with this front or rear carrier option, be sure that your furry friend is comfortable in small spaces while in motion. It can take a bit of practice and patience for both you and your best pal to get used to the balance of riding together, as well as other tandem implications. A safety harness and a leash are a must while you and your pup are in motion, and be sure to bring your dog with you if you dismount so that they do not try to jump out of their carrier unattended. Several pet carrier options can be found easily online or at your local bike shop. If you’re crafty, several of our awesome Lectric riders have repurposed milk crates as pet carriers for their rear rack, too! 

eBike riding with your best friend is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways to spend time outside. While there are a few things to keep in mind along the way, the answer is clear: Dogs can ride eBikes, as long as they are accompanied by an experienced rider! No matter if your pup is riding with or running beside you, we wish you and your four-legged friends the very best on your next eBike adventure! 

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