The Best eBike Accessories for Every Activity

The Best eBike Accessories for Every Activity

eBikes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and options, which can make it a bit overwhelming to find the perfect eBike for your needs. When it comes down to it, you can make almost any eBike fit your needs and lifestyle with the proper accessories

There's an abundance of eBike accessories out there that make it easy for grocery shoppers, parents, off-gridders, long-distance commuters, night riders, and partygoers to use an eBike as efficiently as possible. Keep reading to discover the "must-have" electric bike accessories that can turn your eBike into the perfect travel companion! 


Cargo eBike Accessories for Grocery Shopping

Taking on your weekly grocery store runs with an eBike can transform a "have-to" errand into a "want-to" excursion! If you're hoping to haul larger items such as cases of water, big boxes of your favorite snacks, or bags chalked full of fresh produce, an eBike with larger cargo capabilities would be a great fit for you! Such eBikes include the XPedition cargo eBike, XPremium eBikesXP 3.0 series eBike, plus more

Pannier bags are a great way to store bags and boxes off the sides of your eBike. Whether your ride supports the Waterproof Panniers, or XL Cargo Panniers, these hefty storage bags are your sidekick for seamlessly transporting your favorite goods to and from the store! 

For the cargo eBike rider, the Orbitor is a must when it comes to loading up your ride! It perfectly captures items upon your rear rack for smooth cruising on the way home. 

You can also keep it simple with easy-to-use and install Cargo Baskets. Cargo Racks may be needed before installing these baskets, depending on your eBike model. Be sure to secure your goods in these compartments with Cargo Straps & Nets

Trying to keep your groceries fresh in the hot summer months? Be sure to throw Hard or Soft Coolers on your ride to keep your produce like-new by the time you get home! 


eBike Pet Carrier Accessories

There's nothing like a quick ride down the block with your best friend close by! We're talking about the furry kind. 🐾

eBike riders can safely tow their four-legged companions behind them with pet trailers such as the Lectric eBikes Wag-Along! With durable open netting, your pup will feel the fresh air through their fur while remaining safely stowed until you reach your destination. 

For smaller pets, many Lectric riders have discovered ways to secure their well-built pet enclosures to rack and cargo basket installments. If you choose to do something like this, be sure to thoroughly check the straps and other installation materials you select so your pet is safe for the ride! 


Offroad eBike Accessories

Take your outdoor experiences to the next level by packing up your eBike and getting off the grid! Campers, hunters, and travelers can hit the trails with confidence by easily souping up their eBike with their food and firewood hauls.

Explorers can utilize rear rack attachments such as the Orbitor as a catch-all for items ranging from water supply to fire-building materials to tent gear without worrying about overloading their ride. 

Worried about unpredictable weather patterns? Water-resistant hard and soft coolers and XL Pannier Bags are great for protecting your items and gear from wet conditions. The Portable Air Pump is also perfect for topping off your tires while on the go! 

A set of Cargo Baskets is also a must for explorers, and pairs well with our Cargo Straps and Cargo Net to keep items in place while traveling from site to site!  


Long-Range eBike Accessories

Sometimes, it's nice to have the option to keep riding for longer than what a standard eBike battery would normally allow you to. That's when accessories such as spare batteries and light attachments come in handy! 

Double your range by purchasing a spare battery for your eBike, or buy an eBike with long-range capabilities pre-installed! If you do plan to carry a spare battery with you, you may wish to install a Waterproof Pannier Bag to keep it dry and nearby until you need it. 

When you're going the distance, a Phone Mount will keep your navigation tools within sight, and a powerful Elite Headlight or Premium Headlight will keep your pathway lit if the sun begins to set.

We all know how the saying goes: Hydrate to dominate. The Lectric Water Bottle and Bottle Holder will keep your beverage within reach while you cruise. 

Finally, it's likely that riders enjoying long, scenic rides will need to take a break at some point. That's when a trusty Bike Lock will save the day to keep your ride safe and secure while you're not riding! 


eBike Accessories for Riding at Night

As soon as the sun goes down, the nature of your everyday eBike ride can change. Your ability to see and be seen decrease and there are a couple of accessory upgrades that can help you achieve the ultimate night ride!

Having a front and rear light is a must when it comes to night riding. Many eBikes come with them built-in, so you don't have to worry about replacing the light battery after prolonged use. If you're looking for an upgraded headlight experience to be able to shine even brighter, such as the Elite Headlight or Premium Headlight, as noted above!

eBike Mirrors are also a great way to ensure you're seeing what's coming from behind you, and they add some reflective visibility to your setup. 


eBike Accessories for the Life of the Party

If you're hoping to be the life of the party on your eBike, you've gotta be prepared with a few key accessories!

Keep your refreshments icy cold with a hard or soft cooler, which is perfectly secured into Cargo Baskets for easy transport! 

If you want to elevate your delivery experience even further, the Small and Large Food Delivery Packages are perfect for you! You can chalk them full of your favorite hot or cold party favors that will leave your friends and family members with a smile on their faces. 

Front rackssmall baskets, and large baskets can also be purchased separately so that you can carry all of your essentials on the front of your eBike! The XL Pannier Bags (compatible with the XPedition only) are perfect for keeping your goodies protected from rain or snow while on the go, and they also add some organization to your haul. 

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