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Electric Bikes for College Students

Wake up, grab a coffee, go to class, hit the gym, do homework, sleep, and repeat. There's nothing quite like college campus living!

Student schedules are typically packed, and stress levels are high. In the pursuit of education, they find themselves needing to get from one place to another in the blink of an eye. That's why foldable, affordable, and lightweight eBike options can be great transportation solutions for students doing it all! 

Why is the Lectric XP Lite the perfect eBike for college students? Keep reading to find out! 


A Lightweight eBike Design

Campus life can often mean living in an apartment or dorm complex, which could consist of multiple-story buildings. There's a huge problem with students storing their bicycles and eBikes outside of their apartments or dorms and experiencing theft. It can be common for bike accessories, pedals, chains, decorations, seats, and even entire wheels to be stolen on college campuses.

Having an eBike that's light enough to bring inside and carry up the stairs to your living quarters makes theft far less easy! Students can store their XP Lite safely in their apartment or dorm room with them while they're not on the go.  


A Foldable eBike Design

Not only do college student living quarters typically entail multiple stories to navigate, but they are also often tight on space.

The average college dorm room in the U.S. is 12x15 feet or approximately 228 square feet. That means that students must make the most of what they're provided with! Every inch counts when it comes to cramming their entire lives into one small room, and there's usually little space left for a bulky bicycle. 

The Lectric XP Lite can fold down to just 36L x 16W x 26H”. That's roughly the size of a medium tote, or a small suitcase! Perfect for storing under a bed or desk. Better yet, the XP Lite can fit easily into the back of a vehicle for weekend trips off campus. 


A Commuter eBike That Saves Time

Practice until 9:45 am and then class at 10:00 am across campus? Not a problem!

Electric bikes can transform a 20-minute walk into a 5-minute ride, and add a fun twist to the journey simultaneously. Why not feel the fresh breeze and zip of adrenaline on an eBike to spice up your commute across campus? 

The XP Lite is the best electric bike for college students thanks to its ability to reach up to 20mph with the quick twist of a throttle, or the help of some pedal assist. They can achieve high speeds with low effort, efficiently getting them from one point to the next. 


An Affordable eBike Option

College students are usually juggling tuition, textbook, and living expenses for the very first time when they first arrive on campus freshman year. The last thing on their mind is making another big purchase, sending them further into debt. Luckily, the Lectric XP Lite encompasses all of the epic capabilities college students look for in an electric bike, without the steep price tag.

At just $799, it has class 1 or 2 abilities, throttle and pedal assist functionality, a removable battery for easy charging, and a 500W motor. With a focus on affordability, all Lectric eBikes are significantly less expensive than the competition. 

Students can also make small payments starting as low as $41 per month. Ride now & pay later!


An Easy eBike Solution

Lastly, the simple and practical fun that college students can enjoy from an electric bike is unbeatable. The Lectric XP Lite was specifically engineered to require less maintenance. With single-speed abilities, students are far less likely to have problems with the eBike's freewheel and gear pieces. 

Lectric eBikes are also designed to be easily customizable and upgradeable. If students want their tires, handlebar grips, or bike seat to accommodate their specific needs or match the colors to their school spirit, components are easily swapped out

All Lectric eBikes ship free, fully assembled to students' doorsteps. So, all they have to do is unpack, unfold, and get rolling into a new adventure on or off campus with Lectric! 


student sitting with bike and studying
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