Electric Bikes: The Ultimate Balance Booster

Electric Bikes: The Ultimate Balance Booster

Did you know that having a good sense of balance can lead to a longer life? It's no secret that a balanced life can lead to increased happiness and improved overall mental and physical health, but a recent study takes that narrative a step further.

The Study: 

Researchers from the British Journal of Sports Medicine discovered that the ability to stand on one leg for 10 seconds could be indicative of an overall longer life expectancy. 

The study asked participants between the ages of 51 and 75 to balance on one leg with their heads up and arms by their sides for 10 seconds. In the end, 20% of the participants were unable to do so. The researchers followed up with them seven years later and discovered that those who had failed to complete the balancing challenge were 84% more likely to have passed away than those who were able to complete the challenge. 

Knowing this, you may be wondering: "Where can I find a fun, easy, and liberating way to improve my balance?" This is where eBiking comes in!

Biking & Balance: 

Conventional biking has been proven to improve a person's balance even more so that other common exercises such as walking and jogging. In one article, Cycle Plan explains, "To keep us stable on the bike, our abdominal muscles are working overtime to provide us with a stable platform for riding. The constant contraction of our abs as we ride improves their strength and, in turn, our overall balance." 

As we age, experiencing falls and dealing with the residing injuries from falls can be of concern. Cycling is a great way to strengthen abdominal muscles and overall coordination, therefore minimizing falls and fractures as you age. Better Health goes on to explain how cycling also happens to be a relatively low-impact activity, placing little stress on joints and making it a great form of exercise for those with certain kinds of arthritis. 

Biking also has a huge correlation to posture. Bikers have no choice but to have a balanced posture to stay upright while they propel themselves forward. Oftentimes, that excellent posture while on the bike positively affects their posture off the bike and helps them avoid falls and injuries from being off-balance. 

Electric Biking & Balance: 

So, does riding an electric bike have the same balancing benefits that conventional biking does? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Most of the same core muscles that are strengthened through conventional bike rides are also strengthened by a casual cruise on an eBike. Though the rider may not experience as much strain on their muscles on an eBike compared to a traditional bike ride, the same balance is required to keep upright while you get the bike rolling from a stop and continue along with your cruise. 

eBikes are much more inclusive and make the balance-boosting activity of cycling tangible for a wide community of riders; including those who are capable and eager to pedal when needed, as well as those who may have arthritis or levels of strength that prevents them from getting up those tougher hills. 

Believe it or not, riding an electric bike can lengthen one's lifespan in more than just one way. In addition to being a balance booster in terms of physical health, eBiking can also help riders manage stress levels, and balance work with fun within their day-to-day routine. This reduction and balance of stress levels can, in turn,  prolong one's lifespan. Easy eBiking explains, "Stress can lead to muscle tightness, and exercising – particularly riding your e-Bike, which is a full-body workout – helps loosen and relax the muscles while also strengthening them." 

All in all, a balanced life will lead to a longer and happier life. We are proud to provide eBikes that help adventurers achieve a balanced life, in more than one facet. Here's to better balance, and better health! 

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