Introducing: The Lectric XP™ Lite

Introducing: The Lectric XP™ Lite

Meet the LITE of your life. 

We are ecstatic to share the next generation of Lectric eBikes: The Lectric XP™ Lite. This game-changing extension of our XP™ series fits seamlessly into fast-paced, urban lifestyles - all while maintaining the affordability and comfort you know and love about our original XP™ model.

The foldable XP™ Lite weighs in at just 46lbs and utilizes a 48V battery system to reach up to 20mph with pedal assist, or throttle - making this the best pound-for-pound eBike in the industry.

This epic new model maintains our hidden and easily swappable battery compartment as well as a bright LCD display, twist throttle, integrated front and rear lights, IP65 water resistance, and efficient disc brakes - helping you get anywhere, anytime.

The XP™ Lite is also our most customizable eBike to date with four new color options: Arctic White, Midnight Black, Lectric Blue, and Sandstorm, and three different accessory package options: Carry, Commuter, and Comfort.

We’ve also partnered with Slime, giving you a convenient option to fortify your XP™ Lite tires on tougher terrain types.

Learn more about this awesome new eBike by watching this VIDEO, and shop this awesome new eBike on our WEBSITE. Hop on and ride with us!

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