Introducing: The Lectric XP Trike

Introducing: The Lectric XP Trike

We're stoked to finally introduce the Lectric XP Trike! With this new eBike model, we took our award-winning XP series eBikes and added a bigger battery, hydraulic brakes, and a third wheel to create the industry's first fully-foldable and fully-assembled electric tricycle.

Our mission is to get as many people riding as possible, and make the carefree fun of eBiking accessible to everyone. So, we specifically designed this ride to move you forward into the next adventure - regardless of mobility, balance, or age.  

This 69.5lb three-wheeler is purposefully designed with convenience and fun top of mind. It accommodates a wide range of abilities and preferences with our lowest standover height ever (13.8 inches), making getting on and off a breeze.  

The XP Trike has a rear hub motor that drives both wheels, paired with a differential axle for improved turning stability. This capable and sturdy motor setup provides a whopping 65NM of torque - accommodating even the heftiest of payloads without a problem.

The XP Trike’s powerful 14ah battery will get you up to 60 miles of range on a single charge! With this added power, we knew that front and rear hydraulic brakes were a must to keep all stops smooth and controlled. We even included parking brakes for when you put your adventures on pause. 

Standardized componentry will make servicing this eTrike easy and affordable. It’s equipped with our top-of-the-line Elite headlight and integrated rear lights to keep you safe and looking good while on-the-go!

The XP Trike is also fully compatible with some of our best-selling accessories - including the Wag-Along pet trailer, Cargo Package, and Trike-exclusive Support Seat - including a comfortable backrest.

With the XP Trike, we want to make the fun-loving Lectric community we’ve created available to all, and we can’t wait to see the doors this long-awaited design opens for our riders.

Check out the video below for details, and shop the XP Trike today!

We'll see you out there! ⚡️

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