Introducing: The Lectric XPremium eBike

Introducing: The Lectric XPremium eBike

We are thrilled to announce our best attempt at a car replacement to date. This pivotal addition to our eBike collection allows you to tackle any hill, and ride further and more comfortably than ever before. Introducing: The Lectric XPremium.

Our First Ever Mid-Drive eBike Motor

This premium eBike includes our first ever mid-drive motor with 500w continuous and 800w of peak power. This is a significant upgrade because instead of using just one gear as a traditional hub motor would, a mid-drive motor allows you to tap into all 7 gears of the bike’s drivetrain, so you can use the perfect gear for the situation at hand. We collaborated with DNP to create a new drivetrain capable of handling our motor’s gear-shattering torque, while also increasing performance at higher speeds.

The XPremium's mid-drive motor is paired with a dynamic torque sensor, which measures how fast and how hard you’re pedaling to increase motor responsiveness. We’ve also invested into a game-changing shift sensor - which makes the relationship between you and your eBike smooth and controlled. With this XPremium motor system, your ride will be more intuitive and consistent than ever before.

While many mid-drive ebikes do not have throttle, we found it important to maintain one of the features so many of our customers know and love. This eBike maintains our class 3 performance and 5 levels of assist so that you can achieve a 28mph top speed.

Travel Further on Our Dual Battery eBike

The XPremium features a dual-battery system, which combined provides almost 1000wh of capacity. This battery system is the largest of any eBike in this price range and allows you to reach up to 100 miles on a single charge. Unlike most dual battery systems, ours drains both batteries at the same time - meaning you will stay at higher voltages longer, maximizing both range and power during a trip.

A Newly Engineered eBike Frame

This eBike’s newly engineered frame accommodates a sleek battery setup - featuring a custom integrated battery on the top-tube to make removal quick and easy. This new frame also accommodates both of our best-selling accessory bundle options: Comfort & Cargo.

eBike Hydraulic Brakes

This is Lectric’s first ever model to include hydraulic brakes. These brakes provide a smoother braking experience as well as increased stopping power so you can ride more confidently.

Additional eBike Upgrades

We’ve upped our comfort game with 4” tires, and doubled the travel of our adjustable suspension front fork to over 80mm. You will also have peace of mind while you ride with the XPremium’s IP65 water resistance, and bright & informative LCD display.

With the XPremium, premium is standard. This bike features faux leather grips and our brand new integrated light system, including our upgraded 185 lumen headlight, and our new lever-activated brake light.

Amazing Customer Service, Guaranteed

As always, we will deliver your eBike to your doorstep fully assembled and free of charge. Each XPremium will come with an included one year warranty supported by the industry’s best US-based customer service team - built to support our 150,000 riders to date.

Here’s to longer, and more adventurous rides ahead. Click here, and come ride with us! 

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