Livin' Lectric with Willie S.

Livin' Lectric with Willie S.

When it comes to inspiring stories in the world of Lectric, Willie’s name is one of the first that comes to mind. He’s only owned his XP for a little over two months, but hasn’t looked back since delivery day.

Willie was born in Cuba and has been in the US for the past 25 years. Within those 25 years, he has served in the Marine Corps, built a loving family, and become an expert in social media management. Not long ago, Willie was diagnosed with cancer, which temporarily pumped the brakes on his fast-paced, adventure-seeking lifestyle.

As a former avid mountain biker, Willie yearned for a way to keep biking in his life after his diagnosis. Thankfully, Lectric provided a solution for him. The Lectric XP has become one of the staple items in Willie’s camping setup (pictured below). He’s made his Lectric adventures a family affair, acquiring a fleet of eBikes for his wife, son, and father-in-law. As we all know, the exuberance of bike riding is best enjoyed with loved ones nearby, so Willie has the perfect support system to accompany him on his ride.

Coming up next in Willie’s Lectric adventures, he hopes to ride an 85-mile stretch of the historic Mojave Road, predominantly in Southern California. With his loyal Golden Retriever, Maggie, alongside him, Willie hopes to complete this journey next month. We look forward to seeing him achieve this goal, and many more to come with his Lectric XP 2.0!

Learn more about Willie on Instagram : @ebikeoverland

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