Palm Springs eBike Guide

Palm Springs eBike Guide

Christian and Nate are full-time RVers, travelers, parents, and avid eBikers. They spend their days exploring the country with their family and often turn to their eBikes as a convenient method to explore new places! 

They recently spent some time in nostalgic Palm Springs, CA, and Christian shared this blog about her experience. Check it out! 


If you ever find yourself east of Los Angeles, and you’ve never spent any time in Palm Springs, let me tell you why you’re missing out. The extent of most people’s exposure to Palm Springs conjures up visuals of the Rat Pack and Mad Men-esque era celebrity culture. They’re not wrong, but there’s so much more depth to the beauty of Palm Springs, and exploring the city on an eBike is the perfect way to soak in the beauty and refinement of this cultural throwback city.

A Quick and Dirty History of Palm Springs:

Like most of North America, the true history and culture of Palm Springs is much older and richer than most of us know. The reliably warm weather and protection of the San Jacinto Mountain Range proved to be a tolerable homestead for many bands of Indigenous peoples. The Cahuilla Tribes settled the area, utilizing the underground aquifers and lucious oasis flora for provisions. Their mark on civilization can quite literally be seen through the petroglyph markings on canyon walls throughout the area. The Tahquitz Canyon area is a perfect natural area to view these ancient markings and you can easily get there via ebike! Entry will cost $15 for adults and $7 for children. A ranger-led interpretive hike is included with admission. More information can be found here

Quick Ways to Explore Palm Springs by eBike:

If we fast forward a couple thousand years, we arrive at Palm Springs current claim-to-fame: mid-century modern architecture. There’s no shortage of this cultural nod to a bygone era of post-WWII optimism. So much so, that its difficult to know where to begin! This bike route is a fantastic tour of some of the best architecture in the city, which includes the Palm Springs Art Museum. Be sure to check it out here

The list of the architects who boast their work in this desert retreat city include Albert Frey, William Krisel, and Donald Wexler.

Palm Springs - Architecture

Where you find great architecture, you typically find great art. While riding a bike through a museum, might land you in handcuffs, luckily some of the best art in Palm Springs can be [legally] viewed right from your eBike! Here are some of the best installations I’ve found so far:

  • Forever Mary - an iconic sculpture of the famed model and actress can be found at the corner of Museum Way and Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • Rainmaker Fountain - by artist David Morris is one of the most recognizable installations in Palm Springs, and can be seen at 500 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262, inside Frances Stevens Park
  • Woman in Glasses - a mural by James Haunt & Zes MSK located at 2483 N. Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262, is a vibrantly colored art installation, that will most definitely add a pop to your instagram feed.
  • Fountain of Life - an interactive piece by Jennifer Johnson and Reuel Young, is perfect if you have little ones on your ride with you. Its the perfect mix of art that adults can enjoy and kids can splash in the fountains. It can be found at: 68701 Avenida Lalo Guerrero, Cathedral City, CA 92234

Nearby Cathedral City, CA is home to an annual Hot Air Balloon and Food Truck Festival. The San Jacinto Mountains create an atmospheric phenomenon perfect for Balloon pilots. Typically held in mid-November, this is a picture-worthy event perfect for exploring on eBike, and I don’t think there are any bad conditions for food trucks! More information on the Cathedral City Hot Air Balloon and Food Truck Festival can be found here

Ebike Accessibility in Palm Springs:

Palm Springs is one of those truly bike-friendly cities with ample bike lanes and no shortage of public bike racks to secure your eBike. While we’re on the subject of security, Palm Springs’ beauty and elegant design might lull you into a false sense of safety. The crime rate here is notable and eBike should most definitely be locked up when not attended. If you’re looking for a compact lock, be sure to check out Lectric’s folding bike lock here 

One thing that there’s absolutely no shortage of in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area is the notorious Goat’s Head burrs. In Florida we call them “Sandal Spurs.” If you’re not familiar with this incredibly hearty, invasive species of plant, a short walk through nature will quickly introduce you. You’ll know it, because you’ll soon be walking on a thick layer of them as the soles of your shoes accumulate these thorny pests. Your bike tires will accumulate them even faster. The CST 3” tires on my Lectric XP™ 2.0 ebike is mostly impervious to the short thorns on these burrs, but I still recommend taking preventative measures and filling your tires with tire Slime. Also be sure to carry a compact bike tire pump, available on Lectric's website here

Palm Springs - Sign

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