Las Vegas eBike Guide

Las Vegas eBike Guide

Christian and Nate are full-time RVers, travelers, parents, and avid eBikers. They spend their days exploring the country with their family and often turn to their eBikes as a convenient method to explore new places! 

They recently spent some time in Salt Lake City, UT, and Christian shared this blog about her experience. Check it out! 


When most people think of eBiking, beautiful vistas, mountains, and ocean boardwalks come to mind. While there’s no denying the allure of nature, there’s definitely something to be said about soaking in the lights and sights of the Neon Capital of the World.

Las Vegas is a city that has something for absolutely everyone! Love 5-Star hotels and celebrity chef-prepared meals? Vegas has you covered. Love outdoor sports like rock climbing or kayaking? The Vice City and its surroundings offers almost any kind of outdoor adventure you can imagine. Professional rock climber, Alex Honnold (of “Free Solo” fame) made Las Vegas his home for a reason. 

Navigating Vegas on an Ebike:

With so much to see and do, the prominent Vegas Strip can be a lot to take in. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving a vehicle in this area, you know that it can be challenging to enjoy the views with the roads constantly congested. Not only that, but the sidewalks on the Strip are frequently shoulder-to-shoulder pedestrian traffic as well. This is the perfect recipe for eBikes. While local ordinances do not permit cycling on sidewalks, zipping through traffic on an eBike provides you a way to take in all the visuals of Las Vegas Boulevard, without the confines of a passenger vehicle. Although there are a few places to find free parking, navigating this in a car is slow and mentally taxing.

The city of Las Vegas recognizes eBikes as “electrically assisted pedal cycles” or EAPCs. As long as the motor is under 750 watts and governed at 20mph, you are cleared to ride on most roads the same as all other vehicular traffic. Cyclists are not required to wear helmets, but it is obviously encouraged. If no designated bike lane is available, cyclists must remain in the far right lane unless it is unsafe to do so, or they are making a left turn.

Having taken my Lectric XP™ 2.0 eBike on the strip, I can tell you what an incredible experience it is. Our spot in Las Vegas was approximately a 15-mile drive from the Strip, so I packed our folding Lectric eBikes into the trunk of the car and brought them to within two miles of Strip. This is exactly why I love our eBikes. Not only are they compact, but they have plenty of power, torque, and range to take you anywhere you can dream of. Even before we hopped on our eBikes, it was clear that we made the right decision to bring them along. If we had continued by car, it would have been another 30 minutes before we made it to the Strip, so we unloaded our eBikes, saddled up, and skirted past the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Five minutes later, the Fountains of the Bellagio Casino were visible. The Strip is typically walked, but at a little over four miles, it can take some time to cover that much ground by foot. The ability to zip around on an eBike and stop at each attraction was priceless. Even using a ride-share service would have been more of a hassle than it was worth.

Neon Lights - Las Vegas

Securing your eBike:

The Strip - and Las Vegas in general - isn’t a well-known destination for biking, so finding bike racks to lock up to isn’t glaringly evident, but trust me they’re there. Hotel staff can help point them out, or you can actually valet your eBike as well!

I definitely recommend a good lock for your bike. Lectric offers their compact, folding Bike Lock, with included mount, so the lock is easily stowed and always with the bike. At 34 inches when fully extended, locking up to a bike rack is a breeze. With the nature of the Vegas Strip, security is abundant. I’ve also found that locking your eBike in the folded arrangement makes it seem like less of an attractive target for would-be thieves. 

Exploring Las Vegas by eBike

Top 5 destinations that we liked riding on our Ebikes in the Las Vegas area:

Red Rock CanyonLeave the lights and crowds of the Las Vegas Strip behind. Get out into the serene wilderness and explore the Red Rock Canyon at your own pace. 

Downtown Las Vegas - You’ll see highlights like the artsy Downtown Container Park, will discover murals and historical landmarks and will jam to music as you explore.

Seven Magic Mountains - If you can take your bike out to Seven Magic Mountains you’ll enjoy biking around the monument. There’s something about the bright colors against the blue sky.

The Trails at Springs Preserve - 3.65 miles of trails wind through the picturesque Springs Preserve and take visitors through both the cultural and environmental history of the Las Vegas valley. 

The parking garage at Treasure Island - Overlooking the strip this parking garage is a great spot to overlook the neon lights at sunset. 

Other eBiking Opportunities in the Vegas area:

If you’re looking for something a little less crowded - and with less neon - give the I-215 West Beltway Trail a try. At 15 miles long, this smooth asphalt trail rides around the west side of Las Vegas with incredible views of the Spring Mountains. Parking is located at the South end of the trail near the shopping center off W. Tropicana Avenue.

The St. Rose Parkway Trail is an 8-mile paved asphalt trail through Henderson, NV a southern suburb of Las Vegas. This trail has several art installations and you might even be able to hear lions roaring as you pass by the Lion Habitat Ranch - a sanctuary for lions previously used in Las Vegas attractions.

As you can see, the opportunities for eBiking the Las Vegas are as endless as they are varied - making Sin City one of my favorite areas to sport an eBike! Pro Tip, some of the best views of the City can be found at the top of the parking garages. eBikes make this a breeze!

Boulevards in Las Vegas

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