Lectric Design Series: Episode 1

Lectric Design Series: Episode 1

Welcome to the Lectric Design Series! This five-part video series will take you through the entire Lectric story from our founders Levi and Robby's childhood, to the present, and our future goals as a company! 

Episode 1: Designed by You. 

This episode will take you through Levi and Robby's early days growing up in Lakeville, Minnesota, all the way up through their first eBike design. 

You'll learn how Levi's work ethic and being a self-starter came from his dad, Brent, encouraging him to work for himself while growing up. Levi took that advice and wasted no time selling his car detailing services, and walking neighbors' dogs for a few bucks here and there. 

That ambition turned into a can-do attitude when studying entrepreneurship and seeing an electric skateboard fly past him, which he certainly couldn't afford, but wanted to ride. That's when Levi decided to take it on himself to design and produce a line of electric longboards for a fraction of the cost that other companies were offering them. 

Once the electric longboards got rolling, Brent asked Levi about the possibility of designing an electric bike so that he and his wife could enjoy the electric capabilities together. That idea led Levi and Brent to ask Levi's longtime friend, Robby, to join the team and help design their first-ever eBike model, the Lectric LX.

The Lectric LX was, for lack of a better word, a massive flop. The few riders who bought the eBike were disappointed by its lack of comfort, design, and overall functionality. The Lectric team took all of their riders' not-so-positive reviews to the drawing board to try again. 

The result was the Lectric XP™. A foldable, affordable, and accessible design built to fit into any lifestyle. Without the plentiful feedback regarding their first eBike model, the Lectric team would never have known the specific modifications they needed to make this award-winning transportation alternative.

As Robby puts it in the video, "we had to fail in order to succeed." By this, he means that we never would have known what aspects of an eBike are important to our riders if it wasn't for this initial failure. 

Check out the video below to learn more about how the XP™ was designed by your insightful recommendations, and ultimately led us to where we are today! 

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