Lectric eBikes - Military Discount

Lectric eBikes - Military Discount

With the launch of our brand new military discount supported by ID.me, we wanted to take a moment to highlight two heroes of our own here at Lectric eBikes. We are lucky to have a couple of honorable, kind, and talented veterans on our very own team. Each of them has a unique story about how being in the military changed their lives for the better.

Andy and Matt are two of the creative-minded content creators working on the epic visuals that bring our eBikes to life on your phones, computers, and TVs. They are great friends, hard workers, genuine personalities, and also happen to be military veterans. We sat down with the two of them to talk about their time in the military, and how their service impacted their lives and careers today. 


Andy joined the Air Force right after high school, and he served for four years before he was honorably discharged at rank E4 - Senior Airman. He served as a mission intelligence analyst providing overall battle-space awareness for MQ-9 pilots as well as mission-specific research for future operations.

He had the opportunity to work in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan - eventually earning two Air and Space Commendation Medals. Andy also worked as a mission planning analyst, where he worked to find and eliminate high-value targets.

A pretty impressive resume, if you ask us! 

Andy explains that when he first joined the military, he didn't really have any goals or aspirations for the life ahead of him. His journey changed for the better when a supervisor of his changed his outlook completely. She taught him how to be an effective leader within his team, and focus on the things that were truly important to him.

Andy was able to dig a little deeper thanks to his supervisor's guidance and realize that creating and producing visual content was what he was truly passionate about. He hopped right in with our team here at Lectric after his service, and has been a valuable member of the team since. 

Andy explains, “I'm extremely grateful to have served with the people I served with, and will always look back on my time in the Air Force as something that gave me structure and purpose when I needed it most.”


Matt served in the U.S. Army for eight years. He joined the military when he was a senior in high school and went on to serve as a Religious Affairs Specialist. Over the 8 years, he completed missions across the US, enhancing his training and conducting logistical missions.

Throughout his service, Matt's biggest lesson learned was the ongoing importance of teamwork. He explains that in the military, you have to trust that your teammates are doing their jobs properly at all times. In his case, it could have been a matter of life and death if he, or one of his teammates, didn't focus on the task at hand and complete their mission properly. Matt learned quickly that trusting his teammates, and his teammates trusting him was the key to the squadron's success. 

That sense of teamwork and trust translates directly to the work he does with the content and marketing team at Lectric eBikes. While on photo and video shoots, he must trust that the camera operator is executing their duties properly so that he can focus on directing the overall scene, and make an awesome visual of our eBikes in the end! 

We sure are thankful to have Matt and Andy's dedication to our company's vision, and especially grateful for the service they provided during their time in the Army and Air Force. 

Our team here at Lectric understands that there is no way to repay those who have served our country, but this new Military Discount is the least we can do. We hope that our $50 eBike discount for active military and veterans allows even more people to enjoy the adventures that life has to offer! 

Check out the video below to learn more about Andy and Matt. ⚡️

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