Less Upkeep, More Adventure

Less Upkeep, More Adventure

Let's be honest, performing maintenance and repairs on your eBike isn't most riders' idea of a perfect day. That's why we designed the Lectric XPremium to be our eBike requiring the least amount of maintenance to date. 

The threadless headset in the XPremium is an important low-maintenance portion of the stem design. For those who don't already know, your eBike's headset is the bearing assembly that keeps your fork attached to your eBike. It's what allows you to turn your fork and handlebars to steer your eBike.

Threadless headsets make the stem easy to adjust with a single, central bolt through the top cap. They require only hex keys to adjust, which are much more readily available than the alternative lockring spanner, which is required to adjust a threaded headset.

With threaded headsets, quill stems have a tendency to get rusted into place, so rust and corrosion can prevent proper removal of the stem. This makes adjusting or servicing the headset and stem virtually impossible if the area is neglected for too long. This kind of rust and corrosion is far less likely to be a problem with the threadless headset included in the XPremium design.

The hydraulic brakes in this awesome new eBike also require less upkeep than a traditional mechanical disc brake setup. As mentioned in a previous blog post, hydraulic brakes do not use brake cables, which can wear out over time. The system also uses less friction overall, putting less stress on the brake's components and allowing them to stay stronger for longer. 

The mid-drive motor included with the XPremium makes changing a flat tire just as seamless as it would be on a regular bicycle. The rear wheel of a mid-drive eBike is unattached to the motor and very easy to remove compared to that of a hub motor eBike. Hub motors are embedded into the rear wheel and can require special tools when it comes to something simple like changing a tire. 

We know that upkeep on your eBike can be a hassle for many riders, so we are ecstatic to provide an eBike that minimizes overall maintenance duties. Let us know if you have any questions about the XPremium's low-maintenance design! 

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