Let's Give Away Clothing with Beast Philanthropy!

Let's Give Away Clothing with Beast Philanthropy!

Our ongoing partnership with Beast Philanthropy has been one of our favorite highlights from the growth of Lectric eBikes as a company thus far.  Being involved with projects like rebuilding an orphanage in Africa, and donating over 20,000 pairs of shoes to those in need is something that we've always dreamed of, and we're stoked to finally be able to support such worthy causes.

Next up, we're happy to help some awesome folks in our very own home state of Arizona, the Hopi Tribe! Keep reading and watch the video above to find out more. 


Did you know that every year, over 92 million tons of clothing go to waste? That's 70 million school buses in weight, or 563 football stadiums in size, filling landfills and harming the environment. 

Here at Lectric eBikes, we're passionate about transforming wasteful situations into solutions that can help those in need. That's why we were happy to, once again, team up with the Beast Philanthropy team to make a difference.

Earlier this year, the MrBeast crew saw a huge opportunity to collect some of this unused clothing before it hits the landfill, and give it to the millions of people globally that need it. After seeking out clothing donations from a number of generous companies amounting to over $2.7 million, the team started their search for communities in need of it. 

The MrBest team soon came across an awesome opportunity to help a community of people in Lectric eBikes' very own home state of Arizona, The Hopi Tribe. This tribe has resided in northern Arizona since the 12th century and consists of sandstone villages on the tops of rocky cliffs, making for some harsh conditions in the winter months. The Beast team knew that the warm clothing they collected would be put to great use on the reservation grounds.

When the Beast team first arrived on the Hopi reservation to start the donation process, they were lucky to meet a wonderful woman named Wendy. Wendy taught the team about how the word Hopi means peaceful, and although the people may have little resources, they are extremely generous and kind to the people and environment surrounding them. 

The reservation resides hundreds of miles away from the closest quality clothing and food stores, making the winter months extremely tough for the tribe trying to stay warm and have enough supplies to carry them through. With little access to firewood, the impact of this warm clothing donation was immense.

On donation day, the Beast team was ecstatic to see just how much of a difference these new clothes were going to make to the Hopi tribe members who traveled for miles and miles to access these quality resources. Hopi tribe members are considered to be caretakers of the land, and our team here at Lectric eBikes is thankful to be able to extend a helping hand to this magnificent group of people in our home state. 

After learning more about the Hopi people and being moved by their stories, the MrBeast team decided to further extend their efforts and the Lectric eBikes donation to supply the tribe with a hearty food supply to help them overcome the shortage they've been experiencing for quite some time.  

The team then went to Detroit and India to distribute even more clothing to tens of thousands of people in need! Our efforts with MrBeast will not stop here. We can't wait to share more with you soon and continue to improve the lives of people in need. 

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