Livin' Lectric with Sara B.

Livin' Lectric with Sara B.

When the Lectric Team connected with native Iowan and avid eBiker Sara last month, she remarked about the temperature being a whopping ten degrees below zero… without wind chill. Although that figure is unfathomable to some, it is simply the reality that Midwesterners face throughout the winter months. Sara, along with thousands of other Midwest dwellers, find the unbeatable summers and stunning fall colors well worth the cold winter temperatures. 

Up until 2013, Sara worried that the epic Midwest destinations which she grew to know and love would not be properly recognized by outsiders looking in. She decided to take matters into her own hands and co-found the Midwest Travel Network - Creating a network of people as passionate about these unique destinations as she was. Today, the network provides opportunities for travel writers nation-wide to connect with Midwest destinations near and far. 

Ever since the pandemic began two years ago, Sara has noticed that people are much more receptive to and curious about Midwest travel. Many Midwesterners have not been able to travel easily by plane or train, so she’s encouraged her network to focus on what they could explore locally. “There’s plenty to do right around you,” she explained, “you just have to know where to go.” Sara provides that knowledge to her network, allowing them to share stories and provide guidance for travelers with similar mindsets.

In the early days of the Midwest Travel Network, Sara and her husband were avid campers and bikers, putting about 7-10 miles on their traditional bicycles daily. They came to the realization that with electric bikes, they would be able to go farther and faster than ever before. They joined the Lectric family early last year and they are now achieving 30+ mile rides daily on their eBikes (when it isn’t ten degrees below zero) throughout the Midwest, and beyond. Their XPs have amplified their ability to discover and explore what lies just beyond their Iowa backyard. 

Coming up next in Sara’s adventures is a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama! There are several recently renovated bike trail systems in Gulf Shores, and Sara can’t wait to take them on with her Lectric XP. This year, Sara is also releasing a book titled “100 Things to Do in Iowa Before You Die,” which provides an abundance of travel knowledge within Iowa alone. It will also include some awesome bike trails, perfect for Lectric riders traveling in and around Iowa this spring and summer! 

Between her passion for travel and exuberance for the Midwest, it is safe to say that Sara has an incredible talent for bringing the best out of the places and people surrounding her. Here’s to the Midwest, and here’s to adventure! 


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