Save Big on eBikes in Denver

Save Big on eBikes in Denver

We may sound like a broken record in reiterating the importance of eBikes when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of individuals worldwide. Thankfully, Lectric eBikes is not alone in stressing this importance, and can find confidence in the great state of Colorado. The city of Denver just took its eBike advocacy to the next level by offering significant rebates to eBike purchasers! 

Denver eBike Rebate Program Details

Denver residents can now save anywhere from $400-1,700 on eBike purchases with the city's incredible eBike rebate program. These eBike rebates are instant, processing applications within just 10 business days. Kudos to the City of Denver’s Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency department in their big step toward a greener tomorrow.

Since the program's launch last spring, over 3,800 vouchers have been redeemed. This overwhelming figure further proves the incredibly high demand for urban transportation solutions in today's world. So, Denver, the time is now to hop on and ride with us! 

Learn more about the Instant Rebates here.

Lectric eBikes Involvement

As the most affordable and accessible eBike brand out there, our team here at Lectric eBikes is thrilled to see this rebate program in action. Getting "more butts on eBikes" has always been the driving force behind our founders' company vision, and this rebate program has already sent Denver's eBike numbers skyrocketing.

To make Lectric eBikes readily available in this rapidly growing eBike space, our team decided to partner with an awesome and well-renowned Denver eBike provider, Boost E-Bikes!  Boost will now offer Lectric test rides in-house so that locals can cruise and save more conveniently than ever before.

Boost is an official bike shop at which Denver residents can redeem their rebate vouchers. Shop owner, Jeff Diers, weighs in on the program benefits: 

“Our city is like a mecca for bicycles in general and e-bikes have just exploded here, thanks in part to Denver’s rebate. Denver and other Colorado cities are really working hard to build a safe infrastructure for bike riders, which is really encouraging. We’re happy to offer those commuters Lectric eBikes."

This step towards improving the affordability and accessibility of eBikes is something Lectric eBikes is proud to partake in, and we look forward to seeing other cities follow suit.

eBike Test Rides Available in Denver

If you're a Denver resident and in the market for an ultra-affordable and high-quality folding eBike, you can test-ride a Lectric eBike locally at Boost eBikes! Check out their website and stop in sometime soon. 

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