Truckin' With Clifton

Truckin' With Clifton

Full-time US semi-truck drivers have the opportunity to see parts of the country that many Americans wouldn't typically see in a lifetime, especially while on the clock. Clifton McKinney is a full-time trucker and his favorite part of his job is the travel and adventure built into his day-to-day life.

A few months ago, Clifton was looking for an easy and convenient way to get around after parking his semi-truck for the day. At his stopping points, he wanted to be able to fully immerse himself in brand new adventures and knew that an eBike could help him accomplish this. Clifton did a bit of research on popular eBikes within the trucking community and eventually landed on the Lectric XP™ 2.0.

The XP™ 2.0 was attractive to Clifton for a couple of reasons, one of which included the eBike's folding capabilities. Since it folds down to just 37"x18"x28", Clifton can fit his folded eBike into his front passenger seat, and still have room for personal cargo and luggage within his cabin. 

Another reason Clifton chose to ride Lectric was due to its cost-friendliness and reliability. The XP™ 2.0 is both accessible and affordable while maintaining the high-quality components that eBikers deserve. Clifton can ride confidently on his eBike and rely on it as a primary form of transportation, just as he does with his truck. 

Our team is lucky to have a vast group of adventurous truckers trading their 18-wheelers for 2-wheelers after a long day of driving. We can't wait to watch this community grow! Check out the video below to learn more about Clifton's experience! 

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