Adventure is Calling. Why Wait?

Adventure is Calling. Why Wait?

Here at Lectric, we are committed to accessibility. In terms of eBike design, we make each of our models as approachable as possible to the masses. In terms of price, we make our eBikes as affordable as possible so that more people can opt into electric transportation.

Our commitment to accessibility is why we decided to partner with Affirm. Affirm provides our riders with payment plan options to make their purchase over time, so that they can ride now, and pay later. Ultimately, Affirm helps us get riders on the roads with new adventures sooner, and opens up the possibility of eBiking to some riders who wouldn't be able to make a full eBike payment upfront.

How does it work? Applying and qualifying for Affirm options is quick and easy, and similar to applying for a credit card.

You select your preferred payment plan from their website, and then apply for that plan to discover your payment options. Affirm options depend upon your purchase amount. The program will take a look at your credit score and then approve you for either your full payment amount, or less.

Once you are approved, Affirm gives you a unique number sequence that functions similar to a gift card, which you will use at checkout. Payments are made monthly, and are based upon the increment for which you were approved. Sometimes, a down payment may be required.

Lectric eBikes partnered with Affirm last Spring, and thousands of our riders have successfully purchased their eBikes with this convenient program since then.

For more details regarding Affirm, proceed to checkout on our website to find out more, or visit their website for details!

We are proud to provide the option to ride now, and pay later with Affirm.
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