Behind the Design - XP™ Lite

Behind the Design - XP™ Lite

The Lectric XP™ Lite has been a long time coming. Before this new eBike's launch, we sat down with our founders Levi, Robby, and Brent to discuss how this slick new model came to be.

"It all goes back to listening to our customers," Robby explains. The XP™ Lite is the product of an abundance of requests for an eBike that is lighter, smaller, and still lives up to the high standards that our award-winning original XP™ model accomplished.

In the video, Brent weighs in on the child-like euphoria he recalls when riding the XP™ Lite. He notes that the eBike's agile design is reminiscent of the quick joy rides many of us took as kids. Nothing beats that blissful nostalgia! 

The trio also emphasizes that the XP™ Lite is an extension of their goal to get as many people riding eBikes as possible. This simplistic new model makes eBiking accessible to some riders who would have otherwise thought electric bikes to be too heavy, too expensive, or too complicated. As Robby puts it, part of our mission is "to get more butts on bikes," and we are ecstatic that the XP™ Lite allows us to do just that.

Check out this video to learn more about the note-worthy addition to our XP™ lineup and keep the excitement rolling!

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