Praise-Worthy Paint Colors

Praise-Worthy Paint Colors

As we gear up to get the new XP™ Lite model shipped out to our first batch of orderers, we want to take a moment to dive into the thought process behind each stellar new color option. Since our initial XP™ launch, we've received hundreds of requests for color variants besides just black and white. We wanted to answer these requests with our bright XP™ Lite lineup! 

For our Arctic White and Midnight Black color options, we wanted to appeal to the minimalist, monochrome trends of today. The slightly white and gray gradient, and deep black and white contrast of these two color options is perfect for riders looking for a subtle, neutral Lectric flare!

Sandstorm was a bit more intentional than our subtle black and white color options. Phoenix, AZ is home to our Lectric team, and we wanted to include a color option that reflects the warm desert feel of The Valley. Also, Levi and Robby are huge fans of the electronic song "Sandstorm" by Darude, and wanted to pay homage to the tune by naming our unique, sand-colored eBike after it! If you haven't heard the song, give it a listen here.

Lastly, Lectric Blue is our staple, and we had to include a color option that screams our brand's personality and reflects how fun riding this new model really is. Our Lectric Blue XP™ Lite does just that, and we are thrilled to see  many customers already sharing in the joy of this bright new variant! 

Have a color you'd love to see on one of our future eBike lineups? Feel free to let us know

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