Plus 1 Chair

Plus 1 Chair

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Adventures are more fun with a pal! The Plus 1 Chair allows you to comfortably bring a plus one along for the ride with you.

  • Comfortable backrest paired with Lectric Cushions creates a fun riding experience for both you and your passenger.
  • Pair with the Barrow Bar for extra security while on the move!
  • Easy installation with just 2 screws.

    *Product Requirements:


    • Lectric XPedition

    ⚠️ Warning:
    It is always the user’s responsibility to ensure the passenger and/or cargo loaded on the Lectric XPedition do not interfere or impact the user’s ability to safely operate the Lectric XPedition.
    You MUST hold onto the Lectric XPedition whenever loading cargo and/or a passenger. The kickstand is not designed to be used for loading cargo. Do not assume the bike is stable and balanced when using the kickstand. Always hold onto the bike when cargo is being loaded, in place, or attached to the bike.
    Please read the 
    Lectric XPedition Manual for more information.

    **A passenger incapable of riding a bike on their own should not ride as a passenger. Use your best judgment as a parent or guardian to keep a child or an adult passenger and the rider safe.

    What's in the Box:

    • Plus 1 Chair Frame
    • (2) 4mm Bolts
    • (2) Securing Nuts

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: 6000 Series Aluminum
    • Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.05kgs)
    • Dimensions : 14.5" L x 18" W x 14" H
    • Navy Blue


    • Installation Instructions for the Plus 1 Chair found here.
      ⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information: