5 Reasons You Don't Have a Lectric eBike Yet

5 Reasons You Don't Have a Lectric eBike Yet

Welcome to Lectric. We're glad you're here! If we had to guess why you're not riding with us quite yet, it could be one of these reasons: 

  1. The price! We get it, while we pride ourselves at Lectric on making affordable e-bikes, $799 is still a significant amount of money. Good news is we offer payment plans starting at only $79 a month or 0% APR through Affirm
  2. Not sure which bike to choose. The XPedition or the Trike? Maybe 3.0? Lots of choices. Our eBike Quiz is designed to recommend the perfect eBike for your needs and only takes 2 minutes to complete.
  3. I have a normal bike already. It’s not easy saying goodbye, but we’re confident our eBikes can beat out the older models. They’re foldable, they’re fast, and our unique Step-Thru design makes getting on and off a breeze! Plus studies show owners of e-bikes end up exploring the outdoors much more often than traditional bikes. This is the key to expanding your adventures further than ever before.
  4. Shipping and Assembly. No one wants to pay over $50 in shipping for bulky items and then spend hours trying to assemble them when they get there. Well, no sweat. At Lectric we cover all the shipping costs on every order. And nearly all of our eBikes come 100% pre-assembled. Just open, remove, and ride.
  5. No garage or storage space. One of the innovations we’ve built into our eBikes is that most models are collapsible. You can literally fold them in half and the handlebars fold over to take up less space. This means you can easily store them in the trunk of a car or even an apartment closet. 

See why over 350,000 riders have gone with Lectric and fallen in love with riding again.




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