50 Best Trails to Ride an eBike in the US

50 Best Trails to Ride an eBike in the US

Trails from Sea to Shining Sea

Are you ready to embark on a Lectrifying journey through the heart of America's most breathtaking landscapes? Well, buckle up (or should we say, strap on your helmet?) because we've got the ultimate scoop on the 50 best trails to ride your eBike in the US!

Some of these trails are paved and can be conquered with rides like the XP Lite, XP 3.0, Lectric ONE, XPress, and XP Trike, while others require some off-road capabilities that come standard on the XPeak. Check out some of the most breathtaking trails from coast to coast and start planning your next adventure today! ⚡️


 50 Best Trails to Ride an eBike in the US

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, California: Enjoy breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay as you pedal across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and explore the charming town of Sausalito.
  2. The Katy Trail, Missouri: Follow the path of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad on this 240-mile trail through Missouri's scenic countryside.

  3. The Great Allegheny Passage, Pennsylvania to Maryland: Cycle from Pittsburgh to Cumberland on this historic rail-trail, passing through picturesque towns and lush forests along the way.

  4. The White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah: Embark on a challenging 100-mile loop through the stunning landscapes of Canyonlands, where towering red rock formations and panoramic vistas await.

  5. Acadia Carriage Roads, Maine: Explore Acadia National Park's scenic carriage roads on your eBike, winding through lush forests, alongside picturesque lakes, and past granite bridges and historic landmarks.

  6. The Banks-Vernonia State Trail, Oregon: Ride through the lush forests of northwest Oregon on this scenic rail-trail, which passes over trestle bridges and through charming small towns.
  7. The Chief Ladiga Trail, Alabama and Georgia: Pedal along Alabama's longest paved trail, which stretches 33 miles from Anniston to the Georgia state line, offering scenic views of forests, farmland, and wetlands.

  8. The Mickelson Trail, South Dakota: Traverse the Black Hills on this 109-mile trail, which winds through pine forests, past rocky outcroppings, and alongside scenic streams and historic railroad trestles.

  9. The Virginia Creeper Trail, Virginia: Enjoy a leisurely ride along this former railroad route, which descends from Whitetop Station to Abingdon, passing through lush forests, over trestle bridges, and alongside mountain streams.

  10. The Cape Cod Rail Trail, Massachusetts: Explore Cape Cod's scenic beauty on this 22-mile trail, which winds through forests, marshes, and seaside towns, offering stunning views of beaches and cranberry bogs.

  11. The Mount Vernon Trail, Virginia: Cycle along the Potomac River, passing by landmarks like Arlington National Cemetery and George Washington's Mount Vernon estate.
  12. The Lakefront Trail, Illinois: Enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan and Chicago's skyline as you ride along this scenic trail that stretches for 18 miles.

  13. The Pinellas Trail, Florida: Explore Florida's Gulf Coast on this 38-mile trail that winds through charming towns, parks, and coastal landscapes.

  14. The High Line Canal Trail, Colorado: Follow the historic High Line Canal through Denver's suburbs, enjoying views of the Rocky Mountains and tranquil waterways.

  15. The Burke-Gilman Trail, Washington: Pedal through Seattle's diverse neighborhoods and alongside Lake Washington on this popular urban trail.

  16. The Silver Comet Trail, Georgia to Alabama: Ride along this 61-mile trail that stretches from suburban Atlanta to the Alabama state line, passing through forests, farmland, and historic railroad tunnels.

  17. The Root River State Trail, Minnesota: Explore southeastern Minnesota's scenic beauty on this 42-mile trail that follows the Root River through charming towns and picturesque countryside.
  18. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath, Maryland to Washington, D.C.: Follow the historic towpath alongside the Potomac River, passing through historic towns and enjoying views of the canal's locks and aqueducts.

  19. The Columbia River Gorge Historic Highway State Trail, Oregon: Cycle along the iconic Columbia River Gorge, passing by waterfalls, towering cliffs, and historic landmarks.

  20. The Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi to Tennessee: Ride a portion of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, following the path of the ancient Natchez Trace through scenic woodlands and past historic sites.

  21. The Virginia Capital Trail, Virginia: Connects Jamestown to Richmond, offering 52 miles of scenic views along the James River.

  22. The Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, New York: Follows the route of the historic aqueduct from Croton-on-Hudson to Yonkers, providing a picturesque journey through Westchester County.

  23. The Great River State Trail, Wisconsin: Winds through the Mississippi River Valley, showcasing stunning river views and charming small towns.
  24. The Little Miami Scenic Trail, Ohio: Runs along the scenic Little Miami River, passing through lush farmland and quaint Ohio towns.

  25. The Mickelson Trail, South Dakota: Meanders through the Black Hills, offering riders a chance to experience the beauty of this rugged landscape.

  26. The Elroy-Sparta State Trail, Wisconsin: Known for its iconic tunnels, this trail stretches 32 miles through the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin.

  27. The Capital Crescent Trail, Maryland to Washington, D.C.: Offers a scenic route from Georgetown to Silver Spring, passing through urban and natural landscapes.

  28. The Coeur d'Alenes Trail, Idaho: Showcases the beauty of northern Idaho, with a scenic route along Lake Coeur d'Alene.
  29. The Great Miami Riverway Trail, Ohio: Follows the Great Miami River from Dayton to Hamilton, providing a scenic and historic journey through southwest Ohio.

  30. The Allegheny River Trail, Pennsylvania: Runs alongside the Allegheny River, offering stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside.

  31. The Katy Trail, Texas: Spanning 240 miles from Dallas to Houston, this trail offers a diverse landscape of forests, farmland, and charming towns.

  32. The Great River Trail, Illinois: Hugging the banks of the Mississippi River for 60 miles, this trail provides stunning views of the river and its surrounding bluffs.

  33. The Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail, New York: Following the historic Erie Canal towpath, this trail stretches from Albany to Schenectady, offering a scenic and flat ride.

  34. The Mickelson Trail, South Dakota: Passing through the heart of the Black Hills, this 109-mile trail features tunnels, trestle bridges, and stunning vistas.

  35. The Paul Bunyan State Trail, Minnesota: Winding through northern Minnesota for 120 miles, this trail offers a mix of wooded landscapes, lakeshores, and charming small towns.

  36. The Neuse River Trail, North Carolina: Stretching for 27.5 miles along the Neuse River, this trail offers a mix of urban and natural scenery, with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

  37. The Great American Rail-Trail, Various States: This ambitious trail project aims to connect existing trails from Washington, D.C. to Washington State, offering a cross-country adventure for cyclists of all levels.

  38. The Little Miami Scenic Trail, Ohio: Following the scenic Little Miami River for 78 miles, this trail offers picturesque views of rolling farmland and charming towns.
  39. The Greenbrier River Trail, West Virginia: Running for 78 miles alongside the Greenbrier River, this trail offers a peaceful and remote biking experience through the Appalachian Mountains.

  40. The Erie Canalway Trail, New York: Following the historic Erie Canal for 360 miles, this trail offers a journey through New York's rich history and scenic beauty.

  41. Munger Trail, Minnesota: Jump on your bike and take a trip through the Land of 10,000 Lakes! This converted railway stretches for 70 miles, offering a smooth, scenic journey through dense forests, charming small towns, and over iconic trestle bridges. Don't forget to pack your camera.

  42. Banks-Vernonia State Trail, Oregon: This 21-mile rail-trail winds through the scenic forests of northwest Oregon, crossing trestle bridges and offering views of the Coast Range Mountains.

  43. The Whole Enchilada, Utah: Are you ready to feast on some serious mountain biking? This epic trail serves up a smorgasbord of terrain, from alpine meadows to slickrock slabs to dusty desert descents. Just make sure you bring plenty of water and a healthy appetite for adventure!

  44. Santos Trails, Florida: Who says Florida is all flat terrain and sandy beaches? Head to the Santos Trails and prepare to be pleasantly surprised! With over 80 miles of flowy singletrack winding through moss-draped forests and over limestone outcrops, you'll feel like you've been transported to a tropical mountain biking paradise

  45. The American River Bike Trail, California: Known as the "Jewel of Sacramento," this 32-mile trail runs along the American River, offering scenic views of the river and access to parks and recreational areas.
  46. The Little Traverse Wheelway, Michigan: This 26-mile trail follows the shores of Lake Michigan and Little Traverse Bay, offering stunning views of the water and access to beaches, parks, and quaint coastal towns.

  47. The Swamp Rabbit Trail, South Carolina: Named after the former Greenville and Northern Railway, this 22-mile trail connects Greenville to Travelers Rest, offering scenic views of the Reedy River and Blue Ridge Mountains.

  48. Flume Trail, Nevada: Prepare for a high-altitude adventure! Perched above Lake Tahoe, the Flume Trail serves up jaw-dropping views of the sparkling waters below as you navigate along narrow ridges and through fragrant pine forests. Just remember to keep your eyes on the trail, not on the scenery. 

  49. The Paint Creek Trail, Michigan: Stretching for 8.9 miles through Oakland County, this trail follows the former Grand Trunk Railway line, offering scenic views of Paint Creek and access to parks and recreation areas.

  50. The Rio Grande Trail, Colorado: This 42-mile trail follows the route of the historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, offering stunning views of the Roaring Fork Valley and the surrounding mountains.


    With so many amazing trails to choose from, the possibilities for eBiking adventures are endless! So, grab your helmet, hop on your eBike, and get ready to explore the great outdoors in style!

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