All About Cargo eBike Accessories

All About Cargo eBike Accessories

When the Lectric team hit the drawing board to create an affordable and highly-capable cargo eBike three years ago, versatility was top of mind. We wanted the XPedition eBike to be easily-adaptable to several different lifestyles and individual tasks so that riders could keep moving forward without having to pause between adventures.

As revealed in the XPedition Design Series, Robby actually designed this eBike based on the accessories they knew they wanted to include. The Lectric team wanted this eBike to accommodate the needs of parents with a couple of kiddos on the rear rack, as well as the needs of a delivery driver carrying bulky and heavy loads all day, and everything in between. 

Here are a few different ways in which you can accessorize your XPedition to fit the needs of your next adventure! 


Cargo eBike Accessories for Families

As a parent, life can be pretty hectic. With the XPedition, you can balance runs to soccer, and ballet practice, school, and the grocery store by having your family hop on the XPedition and embark upon a fun and productive adventure!

For any and all busy parents out there, we recommend adding the Orbitor (also known as a "kid corral") to your XPedition set up so that you can easily take the kiddos with you wherever you go!

With the Orbitor, you will also need to purchase The Essentials Package which comes with two plush cushions and two running boards (also sold separately), accommodating one or two small kids on the rear rack. The running boards are lower platforms for both feet and excess cargo to rest upon! 

The XPedition can also accommodate two Yepp Seats at a given time! Securely fastening your little ones to the rack behind you for maximum carefree and fun enjoyment. Yepp Seats are well-paired with the Orbitor for extra stability. 

Hoping to carry your family members as well as dance or soccer practice equipment? The XPedition's rear rack passenger capabilities pair well with the Cargo Package, allowing you to add a front rack and basket for additional hauling abilities! 



Cargo eBike Accessories for Delivery Workers

The most prominent XPedition accessories for delivery riders and avid shoppers are the Orbitor, Cargo Package and XL Pannier Bags.

The Cargo Package comes with a front rack, small basket, and large basket (also sold separately) so that you can carry all of your clients' food or merchandise essentials on the front of your eBike! The XL Pannier Bags are perfect for keeping your cargo protected from rain or snow while on the go, and they also add some organization to your haul. 

Our Small and Large Food Delivery Packages are also a staple for these riders, pairing seamlessly with Cargo Baskets and keeping food fresh while en route to your final destination. Hard and soft cooler options help preserve all of your goodies while in transit. 

Best of all, these delivery accessories are easily interchangeable with passenger-compatible accessories - helping you find simple versatility while on and off the job! 



Cargo eBike Accessories for Passengers & Pets 

One of the greatest things about our XPedition cargo eBike is the perk of accommodating multiple passengers. Adventures can be made more memorable and enjoyable with a plus one right behind you!

Your adult passenger can utilize the XPedition-exclusive Plus 1 Chair paired with a Barrow Bar for added stability while you ride in tandem. As with the Orbitor, you will also need to purchase The Essentials Package with your Plus 1 Chair- which comes with two comfortable cushions and two running boards

Better yet, you can also add a Wag-Along to the rear of your eBike for your furry friend. That way, no one gets left out of the endless adventures that the XPedition has to offer! 

Plus One + Barrow Bar


Cargo eBike Accessories for Adventures

Take your outdoor experiences to the next level by packing up your XPedition and getting off the grid! Campers, hunters, and travelers can hit the trails with confidence by easily souping up their eBike with their food and firewood hauls.

The rear rack of the XPedition has a whopping maximum payload capacity of 300 lbs! So, explorers can utilize rear rack attachments such as the Orbitor as a catch-all for items ranging from water supply to fire-building materials to tent gear without worrying about overloading their ride. 

Worried about unpredictable weather patterns? Our water-resistant hard and soft cooler and XL Pannier Bags are great for protecting your items and gear from wet conditions.

Our Cargo Baskets are also a must for explorers, and pair well with our Cargo Straps and Cargo Net to keep items in place while traveling from site to site!  




The XPedition was specially designed to accommodate various functional needs, and adding easily-installable accessories can transform this ride within minutes!

We can't wait to watch you take on your best adventure yet with the perfect line of accessories that fit you and your loved ones best! Check out all of the XPedition-exclusive accessories here and get rolling with your new adventure today! 

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