Automotive Grade Technology Propels Commuting into the Future

Automotive Grade Technology Propels Commuting into the Future

A Monumental Shift in Bicycling

Across America, urban and suburban dwellers continue to seek sustainable and efficient transportation alternatives, and the eBike has emerged as a game-changer for daily commuting. By combining the convenience of the world’s most efficient form of transportation, the bicycle, with the electrified assistance of an eBike, the vast offering of benefits has sparked a surge in eBike popularity and usage. Cost, efficiency, versatility, and zero emissions, are just a few of the advantages that eBike commuters love! 

As the miles add up quickly for daily bicycle commuters, riders are increasingly interested in innovations that can ensure an effortless journey day in, and day out. The advent of enclosed, weather-sealed gearboxes with electronic shifting, combined with the precision and certainty of a belt drive instead of a chain, is significantly improving riding for commuters everywhere. 

With the release of the Lectric ONE, we want to take a moment to recognize the greatness that is the Pinion  C1.6i gearbox. Check out the details and benefits below! 

The Gearbox vs. the Derailleur

A gearbox like the German-engineered Pinion C1.6i eliminates one of the most vulnerable and damage-prone parts of a bicycle: the derailleur. The need to physically move a bicycle chain from a toothed cog to another larger or smaller one is no longer necessary as the changing of gears take place within an enclosed system between the cranks at the base of the bicycle. Gone is the all-too-familiar rattle as the derailleur works to move the chain to a higher or lower gear. Add the electric elements of Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology and changing gears is as easy as the push of a button.  

With the high-tech combination of a Pinion gearbox and a Gates Carbon Drive belt system, now available on Lectric’s newest eBike, The ONE, proven automotive grade engineering provides long-lasting durability with little to no maintenance required. There’s no excessive cog and cassette wear that comes from a chain jumping between gears. There’s no need to grease or tighten a chain. There’s no derailleur that can get damaged or require adjustment.

A New Breed of eBike Benefits Commuters Everywhere

For riders who want the durability of a commuter bike combined with world-class technology, bikes like the Lectric ONE are making the daily ride easier than ever before. The Lectric ONE comes with Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology, which includes push-button electronic shifting that gives riders the ability to experience the ease and quickness of automotive driving dynamics. Like paddle shifters in a sports car, Pinion’s Smart.Shift allows the rider to shift quickly and intuitively. 

The Pre.Select feature of Smart.Shift automatically sets the rider’s gears, allowing effortless auto-shifts while coasting, upshifting downhill, and downshifting uphill. A convenient Start.Select feature lets riders dictate their starting gear, allowing for split-second starts when the light turns green or to jump into a bike lane. The necessity for maintenance is nearly non-existent with the enclosed, weather-sealed gearbox that eliminates frequent drivetrain adjustments and lubrication.

No More Chains

The Lectric ONE is also built with the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, including a carbon fiber-reinforced belt providing a chainless drivetrain that’s clean, quiet, smooth, and strong. The automotive-grade belt lasts longer than standard chains, doesn’t rust or require lubricant, runs smoother, and provides a quieter and more reliable ride. Gates is an industry leader, offering its drivetrain expertise to the automotive, industrial, and engine-powered world for more than 100 years.


Bicycle Shifting Gets an App for Added Personalization

In addition to the functionality of the Pinion gearbox and the Gates Carbon Drive belt on the Lectric ONE, each component comes with versatile apps that are downloadable on mobile devices. With the brand-new Pinion Smart.Shift App, the shifting behavior and the individual starting gear as well as the appropriate cadence can be predefined quickly and easily. The assignment of the shift buttons can also be individually adapted to the rider's needs. The Gates Carbon Drive app is used to measure belt tension sonically. The belt can be plucked like a guitar string while the app uses the microphone on a mobile device to read the vibration frequency. Riders refer to an included chart within the app to determine if tension adjustments are needed.

We’ve Only Just Begun!

The advent of electronic shifting gearboxes represents a significant leap forward in the eBike industry. The seamless shifting experience, increased efficiency and performance, adaptability to various riding conditions, user-friendly interface, reduced maintenance requirements, enhanced battery efficiency, and innovative integration with eBike systems collectively contribute to the growing popularity of electric bikes equipped with electronic shifting gearboxes. As technology continues to advance, look out for even more innovations that will further elevate the electric biking experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all levels!

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