Behind the Design - XP Trike

Behind the Design - XP Trike

Earlier this month, we sat down with Lectric eBikes cofounders Levi and Robby to talk about their most anticipated eBike launch to date - The Lectric XP Trike

They brought in Lectric's Product Manager, Matt, for their discussion to provide more insight as to why this eTrike is the best in the biz. Check out the overview and video below to learn more! 


As Lectric's most requested model to date, the XP Trike has been in the works for quite some time. In true Lectric fashion, cofounders Levi and Robby have always put their customers first. They wanted to accommodate riders who didn't quite feel comfortable riding on just two wheels, to allow as may people to ride Lectric as possible. With that, the time finally came last month for us to release the long-awaited XP Trike - providing carefree fun for a wide variety of riders!  

Lectric eBikes launched the original XP electric bike back in 2019, and it was received very well thanks to its foldability, affordability, and comfort. Thousands of people loved the specifications and detail that the original XP had to offer, but weren't physically comfortable with the ride.

The XP Trike is built specifically for people that need a third wheel on the ground in order to achieve better balance. That goes for when they're getting on and off the bike, as well as turning and riding on different terrain types! 

One of the coolest parts about the XP Trike, Robby explains, is the open differential rear axle system. This crucial operation allows the rear wheels of the XP Trike to turn independently from one another.

Why is that important, you may ask? While turning on a tricycle, one rear wheel typically has to work a lot harder than the other. The open differential rear axle system balances out this discrepancy and creates smooth and safe transitions while turning.

The Lectric team was sure to provide top-notch safety features on the XP Trike design as well, including hydraulic brakes, integrated front lights, rear brake lights, and parking brakes - perfect for keeping your ride in place while not in use and while getting on and off.

Lastly, The XP Trike provides all of the benefits of a mid-drive motor setup, without the added cost. Its rear hub motor is centered between the two rear wheels, uses the drivetrain, and has brand new technology which provides dynamic power on demand. 

Check out the video below to hear from Levi, Robby, and Matt themselves. We can't wait to see our riders take on new adventures with this epic new ride. Order your XP Trike today - shipping in April! ⚡️

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