Changing Lives, One Pair of Shoes at a Time

Changing Lives, One Pair of Shoes at a Time

Our team here at Lectric eBikes has a standing relationship with the awesome people at Beast Philanthropy. MrBeast and his team strive to change people's lives for the better, and Lectric is here to help contribute to the cause in any way we can. Previously, we helped them carry out The Orphanage Project, where we funded the complete rebuild of an orphanage in need.

Now, the Beast crew is giving children near Cape Town, South Africa a viable way to pursue an education. Believe it or not, a simple pair of shoes is all that stands between many underprivileged kids and getting to school safely. Check out the story and video below to see how! 


For thousands of kiddos in Africa, the only thing standing between them and pursuing an education is a pair of shoes. Because of the extreme poverty in certain rural African towns, there are no cars, buses, or other vehicles for children to use when getting to and from school, meaning that their only transportation option is walking to school.

Since shoes are not often readily available in these areas, children must often walk barefoot for miles each way. These walks are not easy for the kids, by any means. Conditions include harsh terrain, broken glass, and contaminated water. Many kids end up opting out of schooling due to these harsh conditions, and we knew we wanted to help them pursue their education in any way we could. 

That's why our team here at Lectric eBikes teamed up with the awesome people at Beast Philanthropy, to help fund 20,000 pairs of shoes and provide a viable solution to get these kiddos to school safely, and efficiently!

Before starting this project, MrBeast's team did some extensive research on practical shoe production options and discovered a great organization called Barefoot No More, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This organization has developed awesome technology that allows them to transform plastic pellets into durable and effective shoes.

Our team here at Lectric helped Beast Philanthropy purchase 20,000 pairs of Barefoot No More shoes to donate to students in need.  

Once the shoes were secured and boxed up, the Beast team headed to Cape Town, South Africa to seek out nine schools whose students were most in need of new shoes. During that search, they were lucky to meet two outstanding junior teachers named Gabriella and Roswell. They took the time to tell the Beast team about how going to school provides more than just an education for underprivileged kids. Going to school provides a safe haven for kids living in dangerous conditions at home and within their local communities. 

Shoe delivery and sizing day soon arrived, and thousands of kids showed up to the school barefoot, and ecstatic to get their very own pair of shoes. It ended up being an extremely emotional day for the Beast team, witnessing the kids wear shoes for the very first time. 

The smiles beaming across the children's faces in the video below speak for themselves and really put into perspective how fortunate much of the world is to have several pairs of shoes, while these kiddos are thrilled to have just one good pair. 

"You would think they just received a brand new Playstation or X-Box or something," Roswell explains when describing the smile on the kids' faces. 

We would like to share a huge thanks to the team over at Beast Philanthropy for carrying out this project with care. We can't wait to share what's next on the docket with you soon! 

Check out the video below to see the joy for yourself! 

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