How to Clean Your eBike

How to Clean Your eBike

Now that summer is over, you may be thinking about getting your eBike ready to store for the colder months. Before doing so, it's a great idea to give it a good deep clean to avoid any rust build-up or damage while you aren't riding. 

To get you ready, we prepared this tutorial video showcasing best practices when it comes to cleaning your eBike! 


eBike Cleaning Items You'll Need: 

1. Pink Cleaner. Our team uses Finish Line bike cleaner, as it is non-toxic and it is safe for carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, steel, and clear coat.

2. A microfiber cloth. Perfect for scrubbing the grime away without scratching your eBike. 

3. Rubbing alcohol. Our eBike technicians prefer a 70% alcohol solution.

4. Dry Bike Lubricant. Our team uses the Finish Line brand again in this video to re-oil the eBike's chain. 

5. A two-inch pipe cleaner. The brand is not important for this item. An item similar to the one in the video from your local hardware store will do! 

6. A few disposable shop rags.


The Process 

The first thing you should do to prepare your eBike for cleaning is close the rubber battery port plug. This will protect your battery compartment from getting any liquid or dirt inside and causing damage. 

In the video, our eBike technician, Luke, explains that he likes to start the cleaning process at the top of the bike and work his way down. Luke notes that even though Lectric eBikes are rated for great water resistance, they are not entirely waterproof, so be sure to not douse your eBike with water or cleaning solution at any time throughout this process. Dousing your eBike with cleaning solution will lead to moisture getting into cracks and crevices, which can later lead to creaking noises.


Top of Your eBike

To start with the top of your eBike, spray your pink cleaning solution onto your microfiber towel and proceed to clean your handlebars, brake levers, screen, button pad cover, stem, headlight, and the front of your frame. 


Body of Your eBike

Next, it's time to move onto the body of your eBike. For this, we suggest lightly spraying the aluminum with the pink cleaner and gently wiping away the dirt. Be sure to clean the frame latch as well, as this area is susceptible to rust and difficult to replace. You should also be sure to clean the seat post clamp and be sure debris isn't resting in the opening. Then, spray some solution directly onto your rag and wipe down your dropout, which is highlighted in the video if you are unsure of what that looks like!

Once all of that is complete, we suggest flipping your eBike upside down to reach parts of the bike such as the rotor and wheels. When flipping your eBike, ensure that your display is tilted forward as to protect it from damage. 


Wheels of Your eBike

Front Wheel

To clean the front wheel, spray it with the pink cleaning solution, and give it a spin so that all portions of the wheel are lightly coated. Then, use the dirtiest part of your microfiber rag to scrub the dirt off of your wheel. Don't forget to lightly wipe the rims, hubs, and spokes while doing so. Be sure to do this on both sides of your front wheel! 

Rear Wheel

For your rear wheel, it is important that you spray the solution onto the rag only, as there are some sensitive components on the rear hub that require extra care. Give your hub and freewheel a light once over, and carefully push your microfiber towel between the spokes to get the inside of the hub. Repeat the steps from the front wheel to get your rear wheel into tip-top shape! 

To clean your brakes, just give them a light once over with your microfiber rag. It is important to not douse the brake pad area, or push any debris into that area as this can cause buildup and corrosion, leading to your brake pads needing to be replaced sooner. To clean the rotor, use a disposable shop rag with rubbing alcohol on it. Rubbing alcohol will also help prevent squeaking while you brake. 


Brakes of Your eBike

For eBikes with significant gearing (ex. The Lectric XPremium), you will need to use the two-inch pipe cleaner. Spray some of your pink solution onto the pipe cleaner directly, and then gently scrub your freewheel to remove debris. Then, use your microfiber rag to lightly dry off some of the excess pink solution. To dry the freewheel further, you may spin your rear wheel by turning the pedal with your arm, as demonstrated in the video! 


Chain of Your eBike

Cleaning the Chain

It's time to use one of your disposable shop towels with a bit of pink cleaning solution to clean your chain. Lightly rub your chain with the towel, and make sure you rotate as you make progress so that you don't miss any portion of the chain. Luke also notes that cleaning your chain can be done with an old toothbrush for a more detailed cleaning. After you've cleaned your chain, be sure to wipe down your chain ring and pedal/crank arm.

Oiling the Chain

Now that your eBike is clean, it is time to oil your chain. Over-oiling your chain can lead to debris buildup, so be sure to not squeeze the lubricant bottle, but simply let gravity allow drips of oil to be released onto your chain. Once the entire chain has been oiled, give the rear tire a good spin to allow the oil to seep into all of the cracks and crevices properly. 

Now, your eBike is as good as new! Whether you're getting it ready for winter storage, or just want to clean your eBike for a fresh start, the process is simple and we can't wait to see your sparking eBike on the roads again sometime soon. ✨

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