Introducing: The Lectric XPeak Offroad eBike

Introducing: The Lectric XPeak Offroad eBike

It’s time to break into uncharted territory and welcome an eBike tailored to riders who want to explore what lies beyond their neighborhood and truly escape the ordinary. Introducing, the Lectric XPeak


EMTB Off-Roading Made Effortless

This all-terrain eBike is well-equipped to take you off-road, and encourage you into the unknown. A trail-ready RST Renegade front fork reduces hard hits and smooths out the ride ahead while 26” fat tires make it so that no log, rock, pothole, creek, or path interference will be able to stop you in your tracks.


Powerful All-Terrain Performance

The XPeak is the epitome of power. Its 1310W peak motor and capable 14Ah battery system are powerful enough to effortlessly propel you onto the next exhilarating pathway.

All-new Stealth M24 technology makes for a quiet motor experience among 5 levels of pedal assist or throttle - even when it's sprinting up hills and mountainsides at 28mph - making it class 3 capable. Added power requires added stopping power, so the XPeak's hydraulic brake system will stop you on a dime! 


Safety Meets Durability

This eBike has been tested to the most aggressive safety standard there is in relation to all-terrain electric bikes (eMTB). Meaning that it's durable and capable of taking on even the most rugged of terrains.


Affordability and Quality Service

The XPeak is the most affordable all-terrain certified eBike out there and it ships free with a less quick, tool-free assembly. Step-Thru, and High-Step frame options fit a wide range of sizes and abilities and are paired with all-new accessory options to accommodate any environment.

As always, every XPeak purchase is backed by a full US customer service base and a 1-year warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much range can the Lectric XPeak offroad ebike get?

A: When using pedal assist on the Lectric XPeak, a rider can get up to 55 miles of battery range. If a rider only uses the throttle, a rider can get up to 45 miles.


Q: Is assembly required for the Lectric XPeak, and how easy is it?

A: The Lectric XPeak ships with easy, tool-free assembly. Our assembly instructions are straightforward, and most riders can complete the setup quickly. If you ever need assistance, our customer service team is here to help.


Q: What are the available frame options for the Lectric XPeak, and how do I choose the right one for me?

A: The Lectric XPeak offers a Step-Thru frame for easy access and versatility, while the High-Step frame provides stability and performance, allowing riders to choose based on their comfort and preferred riding style.

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