Lectric eBikes: Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Lectric eBikes: Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Welcome back to the Lectric Design Series! Throughout this series, we will walk through everything that makes Lectric special as an eBike company in terms of our products, customers, and story. Check out episode two below! 

Episode 2: Designed for You.

Customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront of our team's priorities, and the conversation highlighted in this second episode of our Design Series with Lectric cofounders Levi, Robby, and Brent explains how this came to be.

CXO Brent Conlow explains that in the early days of Lectric, he had above-average expectations when it came to customer satisfaction. Although the team was small at the time, Brent knew that exceptional customer service could act as a mighty force when it came to acquiring the trust and enthusiasm of our valued riders throughout the country. 

Levi, Robby, Brent, and a couple of other loyal and hardworking friends were willing to go the extra mile and gain the trust of their growing community of riders. Robby recalls one phone call with Brent in particular regarding the team's email response time,

"You know what would be great? It would be great if we could get back to customers within 3 hours of when they send us an email." Robby and the rest of the small powerhouse of a team took that ambitious goal to heart and hit the ground running to satisfy their group of riders, which was growing by the minute.

In terms of phone calls, Levi recalls answering customer calls no matter the time or circumstance back in 2019. He remembers having his phone ringer turned all the way up and answering each and every customer phone call, even at 2:00 am. Levi and the team did this to show the awesome community of riders that they truly care about the Lectric riding experience, and wanted to do everything they could to help the rider succeed. 

Brent's vision for exceeding customer expectations lives on today throughout Lectric's growing team of eBike lovers. Check out the second episode of our Design Series below to hear more stories from the early days of the eBike company, and the continued focus on you, the rider, within the team's vision. 

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