'Lectrify Your XP™ Lite

'Lectrify Your XP™ Lite

Do you remember your very first car? The excitement of owning it yourself and adding a custom license plate cover, bumper sticker, steering wheel cover, air freshener, or even sometimes giving it a name? Here at Lectric, our eBike technicians have that same sense of excitement and adventure for any new eBike that comes into the shop. 

Some of the most frequent suggestions that our team here at Lectric receives from our community of riders is that they wish the handlebars, seats, grips, colors, or even pedals were different. Luckily, alterations such as these are relatively easy to make on the Lectric XP™ Lite! 

"It doesn't take much to really trick it out and make it your own," Lectric eBikes technician, Luke, explains about his eBike in the below video. Source BMX makes these fun customizations easy to select and implement with their vast and creative inventory selection. 

In the below segment, you will see three of our team members put their own personal "BMX style" into an XP™ Lite of their choice. 

Luke mentions that he got the inspiration for his crisp white and blue design from one of his favorite cars, the BMW M3. He then came across the unique and bold saddle shown in the video, which led him to the perfect color scheme for the rest of his epic setup. 

Paul was inspired to make an outdoor-ready style of eBike that just so happened to match his stylish and trusty shoes! His eBike feels a little bit retro with a Gucci-inspired saddle and it will be perfect for his next eBiking adventure.

Derek wanted to make his eBike his own, so he added some fun tires and a matching chain to his ride. He wanted to tie all of the colors he chose together and found the perfect multi-colored saddle to help him accomplish just that! Derek even added a co-pilot rubber ducky to top off his design, unique to him and his ride specifically. 

Here at Lectric, we love to celebrate individuality and creativity, and the XP™ Lite just so happens to be easily customizable thanks to its standard sizing. That being said, all four of our awesome eBike models are customizable to your liking! 

Share your 'lectrifying customizations with us by entering our Photo Contest, or tagging us on Instagram or Facebook! We love seeing our passionate riders' personalities shine through. 

Questions about 'lectrifying your eBike? Check out Source BMX for yourself, or feel free to contact our team

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