March MODness Custom eBike Competition

March MODness Custom eBike Competition

Here at Lectric eBikes, we absolutely love seeing customers transform their eBikes into the exact ride they've always dreamed of. From paint jobs, to handlebars, to wheels, to upgraded seating, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making an eBike your own! 

This March, we decided to host a "March MODness" contest to encourage our community of riders to share their custom eBike designs with us to be entered to win a free XP Lite eBike as the grand prize. The contest consisted of a 2-week submission period, from which a final four were selected for public voting. We were overwhelmed by several outstanding and unique eBike designs! It made narrowing down the finalists a real challenge for our team, but we are stoked to present them to you below! 



Jodi F. lives in Nashville, TN, and is the proud owner of a custom XP 1.0 eBike that she likes to call her Salty Soul.

When she first decided that she wanted to customize her ride, Jodi was looking to implement a "beach cruiser vibe" to reflect her love of riding on or near the beach with friends and loved ones.

To accomplish this "vibe," Jodi, bought custom decals from a company called Southern Spur Vinyl and Design. She further explains, "I covered the front and rear fenders with the graphics and then a clear coat of paint. The main frame of the eBike, however, was tricky. It required repainting - I probably tried 8 different shades of white before I found one that matched close enough. I was so nervous starting this but as it came along I was thrilled that I had the guts to do it.”

eBiking is a family affair for Jodi, and she let us know that her parents, sister, and brother-in-law book trips multiple times a year where they can all meet up and camp together all over the Southeast region of the States. She purchased a Lectric XP 2.0 for her dad a couple of years back, and recently ordered an XP Trike for her mom! She's also a huge fan of taking RV trips with her husband and three dogs alongside her. 

We absolutely adore Jodi's beachy custom design, and we're so glad that she took the time to share it with us! 

Salty Soul Close-UpSalty SoulJodi + Friends



Talk about national pride! Matt W. lives in Palm Harbor, FL and is the proud owner and designer of the eBike that we dubbed as "The Patriot."

Matt made several different modifications to his original XP Step-Thru, as well as some awesome color theme upgrades. Some of his more intense modifications included a trailer hitch, stem extender, and BMX handlebars and stem.

Matt has several ideas for customizing a new XP Lite in the near future. He explains, “the eBike would get a vertical thumb throttle, new grips, red hydraulic brakes, a DavidBrandNew turtleneck neck stem with BMX bar setup. We would seek a slick white wall tire with red trim line or apply reflective rim tape for accent as well as a moderate pinstripe application. We would add a suspension seat post, and XL cushy seat. Consideration would be given to fenders and cargo hardware, but only for certain applications."

We love the enthusiasm, and hope to see more mods coming from Matt in the near future! 

Matt W + PatriotThe PatriotThe Patriot

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So slick that it blends right in! David T. from Toledo, OH wanted his Lectric eBike to be functional for camping and riding on dirt trails in his area. Better yet, he wanted it to match the color of his beloved camper trailer (pictured below). 

“I wanted to make it look like my own and I really liked the look of the color-changing stealth camo. When the light hits it from different angles it shifts between the different colors you see and I really just liked the look of it."

He accomplished this epic look with some LED wheel add-ons, custom vinyl, and a set of BMX-style handlebars for a ready-for-action look! One of his favorite things to do with his eBike is record his rides on camping trips and share the videos with the groups he's a part of on Facebook.

David has even more customization ideas coming down the pipeline for when he gets another Lectric eBike. "I would add the newest version of the turtleneck stem and BMX bars to the bike. I would also probably change out the tires. I would definitely put on the same mirrors that I have on my current bike. I ride on the road a lot and like having a larger HD mirror to watch for traffic behind me. I also have an idea of installing a rear rack from Lectric and then adding a teak wood solid platform to the rack."

We love this look and can't wait to see what David does next! 

CamoDavid T & CamoCamo + Camper

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We're stoked to introduce the fourth finalist and winner of our March MODness contest: Joe P. from Oakland, CA! 

Joe's Lectric XP 3.0 was his first electric bike ever, and he initially had no plans to modify it. His creative ideas started flowing after receiving his new ride, however, and knew he wanted to make it one of a kind!

He knew he wanted a hot and fresh design with flames covering some of the black paint. He then added some orange and yellow pinstripes to match the flames. Joe took the stellar paint job a step further by adding the gold leafing with the eBike's name on each side. After seeing how awesome the gold turned out, he added some gold pin striping as well.

When we asked Joe what he plans to do with his new XP Lite, he was excited to share that "it would be a brand new canvas to work with.  I would definitely customize it differently from my XP 3.0. I was thinking about adding air-brushed custom murals all over the bike. Perhaps adding some gold leafing (straight lines) to follow the body line of the bike. Then, I would outline the gold leafing with black pin striping to offset it."

He goes on to explain, "I was thinking about adding some crazy patterns on it using violet, blue, and purple as my colors on top of the Arctic White color option.  The other colors would lay nicely over the top and add a nice pattern.”

We cannot wait to see this vision of Joe's come to life sometime soon! 

JoeHot WheelsHot Wheels

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We'd like to thank each and every participant for sharing their epic "MODs" with us this month! It was a blast for our team to see, and we look forward to even more creative ideas stemming from this fun springtime event. 

Share your 'lectrifying customizations with us by entering our Monthly Photo Contest, or tagging us on Instagram or Facebook! We love seeing our passionate riders' personalities shine through. 

Questions about 'lectrifying your eBike? Check out Source BMX for yourself, or feel free to contact our team

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