Shifting Into High Gear

Shifting Into High Gear

The mid-drive motor on the Lectric XPremium uses a unique and powerful gearing system. We want to take a moment to walk through how to get the best ride out of this system and prevent damage to your motor components as you get rolling! 

As mentioned in a previous blog article, the mid-drive motor's power comes directly from your pedals and drivetrain, as opposed to your rear wheel in a typical hub motor. Since the mid-drive motor is attached directly to the drivetrain including the chain and cassette/freewheel of your eBike, it is imperative that riders use proper gearing ratios to prevent damage to these susceptible elements. 

Riding any eBike with a mid-drive motor is much like driving a manual car. When coming from a stop, you should always start with your eBike in first or second gear. If it is in third, fourth, or fifth gear when you first start rolling, you will face much greater resistance and thus put unnecessary pressure on your drivetrain.

After you get rolling, you should increase your gearing as your speed increases. It is important to note that with your electric assist in place, you will not necessarily feel in your pedaling when it is time to shift up, but you can instead monitor your speed to do so! 

As you come to a stop, you should decrease your gearing gradually to prevent added pressure on your drivetrain, once again. 

On the Lectric XPremium, our team includes a device called a shift sensor. The shift sensor automatically cuts the power to the motor while you shift gears to prevent damage to your cassette/freewheel, and prolong the overall life of your mid-drive eBike. 

Lectric riders can reference the below chart when utilizing the XPremium to determine which gearing is appropriate for their speed at a given time: 

We are excited to implement this powerful new XPremium system into our eBike lineup, and see where the roads take our awesome riders! Don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you may have about the shifting process of your mid-drive motor. We are here to help! 


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