Stay Safe, In Style - Thousand Helmets

Stay Safe, In Style - Thousand Helmets

Here at Lectric, wearing a helmet is crucial. We recommend that every biker, from customer to employee, wears a well-fitted helmet to keep them safe while on the go. We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to partner with a helmet supplier, and we found our ideal match in Thousand helmets.

Thousand has worked tirelessly since 2015 to make durable helmets that are both safe and stylish. Their mission is to create helmets the common rider would actually want to wear, that fit seamlessly into a variety of lifestyles.

Just like Lectric, Thousand was founded on humble beginnings. They started their business endeavors in a small garage with only a few staff members, all working towards the common goal: Making safety seamless to get you moving.

Thousand's initial mission was to save one thousand lives (hence the name) with a unique and retro look. They’ve adapted their fundamental features through the years to include an anti-theft “Poplock,” magnetic buckle, custom dial fit system, and vegan leather straps.

Thousand has done an excellent job of helping their community of cyclists opt in to safety, and that is why our team here at Lectric reached out to them to provide our riders with a safe and stylish path to adventure.

We’ve selected a few stellar color options from Thousand’s line that fit seamlessly into the Lectric look. Our team can’t wait to embark upon this new endeavor with Thousand. Order yours today!

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