The Smarter The Battery, The Better The Ride

The Smarter The Battery, The Better The Ride

The brand new Lectric XPremium has an intelligent and powerful battery system, allowing riders to reach over 100 miles on a single charge. This awesome range is achieved with special, top-of-the-line features included only in our XPremium design. One of these features includes a device called a battery isolator. 

The battery Isolator connects to both of the eBike's batteries and isolates the battery output (hence the name), so that once one battery drains to a lower level than the other, the isolator starts to pull from the other battery so that both of the batteries drain at relatively the same time. 

Why is this important, you might ask? Isolating between both batteries to drain simultaneously protects the longevity of your battery's life. A battery's lifetime is shortened over time when it goes from high levels of charge to low levels of charge quickly. 

The battery isolator also keeps your eBike performing at higher voltage levels than it would otherwise be able to without it. Batteries are most "awake" at high voltage levels and can perform at their best.

The higher the voltage, the easier it is for your eBike to achieve top speeds and climb up large hills. Essentially, voltage correlates with how much power your eBike has at a given time. When it comes to voltage, higher means better. 

The XPremium's intelligent dual-battery draining technology is a real game-changer when it comes to how long, fast, and powerful your ride can be. Check out this next level ride today!  

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