We Powered a Village in Zambia with MrBeast!

We Powered a Village in Zambia with MrBeast!


Our team's partnership with Beast Philanthropy has allowed us to lend a helping hand to awesome projects including rebuilding an orphanage in South Africa, helping out the Hopi Tribe here in Arizona, and even powering a remote village in Columbia.

Now, we're going to Zambia to help bring power and water supply to a remote village! 


For the remote Zambian village of Mapapa, the hurdles of day-to-day life are substantial. Limited access to food, water, and electricity paired with a high crime rate make for a dangerous and difficult life for the adults and children living in the area. That's why Beast Philanthropy decided to team up with us here at Lectric eBikes to help improve the circumstances of this village in need.

How did Beast Philanthropy hear about this impoverished village's tough reality? Surprisingly, they came across a TikTok by a woman speaking on behalf of the village, asking for help from the MrBeast team.

That woman's name was Dora. She made the courageous move to Mapapa to help restore the warm and welcoming community back in 2019, and hasn't looked back since. 

Ever since the beginning, Dora has been on a mission to rescue as many kids as possible from the village's dangerous conditions. Thankfully, it didn't take long for her TikToks to generate a whole lot of attention. She gained over 5 million followers in no time and used the platform to raise money for the village - providing good education and healthy meals for over 350 kids.

The income Dora was generating from TikTok, however, was not sustainable enough to keep the school open. That's when Beast Philanthropy stepped in. They supplemented Dora's efforts with a solar-powered electricity system, providing much-needed light during the nighttime hours in the village. 

The village also desperately needed running water, so the Beast team reached out to us here at Lectric to see if we'd be willing to double our contribution to the project. We were happy to do so, and took care of installing multiple wells, water heaters, and kitchen appliances so that they could have a long-term solution to clean drinking and bathing water as well as cooking resources. 

The simple joys in life such as electricity and running water can mean so much to those in need, and stories like this one are a great reminder to not take what we have for granted. 

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