Why Fat Tires?

Why Fat Tires?

Here at Lectric, our XP™ 2.0 and XPremium eBike models sport 3-4" fat tires. Fat tires are considered to be any tire with about twice the thickness of a conventional bike tire. As a company with over 150,000 fat tire eBikes on the road, our team often faces the question of "why fat tires?" 

Between being weather-proof, comfortable, versatile, and requiring less maintenance than conventional bike tires, fat tires are a major perk when it comes to riding. Let's dive into it! 


Enjoying your eBike in the great outdoors comes with an element of unpredictability. Even after checking the forecast, it is possible that you may find yourself riding in slick conditions including rain or ice. 

Fat tires provide stability and control in the midst of slippery conditions thanks to their wide surface area and knobby texture. Riders can achieve even greater stability by adjusting their fat tires' PSI. Lowering your PSI to 20-23lbs in rain and snow will allow for more friction against your given terrain, thus preventing slippage more often. 


One of the most obvious perks of fat tire eBiking is the added comfort that comes along with it. Fat tires are made of thicker elastic rubber, providing added shock and vibration absorption.

In general, biking can cause some stress on your shoulders and back as you ride due to biking posture. With fat tires, some of that stress is relieved with the added shock absorption and overall less impact associated with a fat tire ride.

For eBiking newbies, fat tires can provide a sense of stability and confidence while adjusting to the way that the pedal assist and throttle options operate. A greater feeling of safety and comfort is perfect for new riders, as well as those with thousands of miles under their belts!


Thanks to fat tires' abundance of rubber and elasticity, punctures are far less frequent than they are on a bicycle with regular, thin tires. Tough gravel and other road hazards are no match for durable fat tires.

Adding Slime to fat tires will add to the durability of your riding experience, and make your eBike well-suited to take on any adventure the trails have to offer. 


Lastly, fat tires provide versatility when it comes to the types of terrain that you and your eBike can take on. Whether you're going for a quick ride down the road, a rough ride down a gravel path, or a slick ride near a snowy mountain, fat tires are ready to help you achieve a perfect, stable ride. 

Here at Lectric, one of our primary goals is to make eBiking as accessible as possible to the masses, and that is why we include fat tires on both our XP™ 2.0 and XPremium models. The more comfortable and safe riders feel while on-the-go, the more often they will opt into eBiking. Let's roll! 

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